England vs Barbarians

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by Incredible Schalk, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. :wacko: I dont know if that was a game from the 1900s or a team going to play the All Blacks in Auckland. The Baabaas showed barely any flair, soooooo many handling errors from both sides.

    Positives for England-they won and the lineout was dominant, Jones and Kennedy.

    Negatives-no attacking flair, shocking handling,pasted in the scrum, their full back runs like "he's in quick sand"

    Positives for the Barbarians-the defense was immense, Mapasua was superb,Wannenburg carried the ball well, they got much closer than they did against Ireland

    Negatives-never looked like scoring long range tries, poor handling, terrible discipline

    Will Greenwood summed it up nicely "utter garbage" :lol: , England obviously have alot of players to come back but it was still a dissapointing game.
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  3. eoino

    eoino Guest

    Utter arse might I say. England should put away a team like that, thats highly embarressing.
  4. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I don't really think it was "highly embarrasing", dissapointing yes but then again half of that 22 isn't even going to fly to New Zealand where the chances of even England's strongest ever XV back in 2003 were reasonably slim and when down to 13 men absolutely nought. In any case, some people should be careful of throwing stones indoors as they have their own serious problems to deal with. post Baa-Baas test..hint hint.

    No, I'm not saying that they'll come back and win from 13 men down or that they'll even win, just saying that to be brutally honest, what did you expect?

    Mike Brown was pretty strange. Made a decent break but looked like he was dithering throughout the entire 40 odd meters that he made. Never since Monty Panesar has a man made running through treacle mixed with superglue look so compelling.

    MR KENNEDY was a real highlight for me, absolutely mullered the Baa-baa's lineout and was a real highlight.

    Care frankly dissapointed. Not so much in that he didn't try anything but in that he tried too much too soon. He looks desperate for a start and it showed but desperation can indeed hinder your chances. I'm sorry Mite but in that frame of mind, I wouldn't pick Danny to start in my XV. Not until he calms down a bit anyway.
  5. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    well if everyone's fit then harry ellis is a shoe in at 9. He turned class in 6N 2007, and then got injured. Based on yesterday, he's back to his best.

    TBH this was never going to be a great Baabaas game. England are using it as a warmup for the NZ tour, and all the players would have been desperate to impress, and not make any silly mistakes. Also, when do we ever see an England team play with reckless abandon (apart from simply 'abandon' every time against Wales)...??
  6. Sharkattack

    Sharkattack Guest

    It would have been nice to see someone emerge. Shame that all we saw was a load of rubbish
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