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England vs Samoa



Not quite sure why this thread hasn't been around in the build up to the match, but never mind...

Firstly, I'd just like to say I thought the referee was dreadful at times. People have talked about smaller nations being refereed out of matches, but it seemed as though Mr Lewis was trying to referee Samoa into this one. His judgement at rucks and mauls was appalling - at times England's forwards were clearly on the front foot, with Samoan players coming in from all angles in an attempt to illegally halt their momentum. Nothing was done. This also seemed to be the case at some scrums, where the English front row clearly had dominance for much of the match. Furthermore, there is no possible justification for Brian Lima not being yellow carded for his high tackle on Wilkinson. I have lost huge amounts of respect for Lima at this World Cup. He seems a shadow of the player he was, and rather than just being hard, it seems as though he needs to try and injure a player every match just to live up to his reputation. I thought his 'tackle' against South Africa was a disgrace, and a deliberate head-high on England's key man was totally uncalled for in this match.

Anyway, now my moaning is out of the way, onto the match:

Very exciting, and as an Englishman, certainly a huge relief to come away with a hard earned victory. Gomersall was superb today, a cry back to the good old days of English scrum halves when Gomersall learned his international trade as understudy to the likes of Dawson and Bracken. I thought, much as it pains me to say it about a Leicester man, that Chuter was also excellent. Hit his jumpers most of the match, and linked very well in open player. In fact the whole front row definately earned their caps today. England's backs still aren't playing particularly fluently, but it's clear that there is far more balance without Farrell. Corry was good enough not to get dropped, which came as a pleasant suprise. Certainly nowhere near good enough to retain our ***le, but at least it makes a difference from wanting to hang yourself come the final whistle.

Actually, one more moan while I'm on a role; Samoa's try really wasn't a try. Had it made a difference to the outcome, I would have been very angry. Even Will Greenwood didn't think it was a try, so there you go.

Good match, great to get through in tact, just suprised to see Tonga rather than Samoa challenging for second spot in the group.
Very lucky to win..

Gotta say tho u played alot better with wilkinson at no10 today...

It shows how much you miss him when he's injured he isnt just a kicker but a bloody good rugby player..
Was the first match I was able to see of this World Cup. And it was really an exciting one. I hoped for Samoa to keep up with England when it got close. Though I would agree with Webby that the try wasn't one. All in all England defintely deserved to win in my opinion. But it was a bit lucky, too.
well done england...im still appauled at how far you have sucken down the international level...its funny..im watchin the npc in nz and i could honestly put a combined team of 30 provincial players that would run rampant on that english outfit
this shows me one of two things....england are still stuck in 2003..that year is over...grumpy forwards and a drop kick wont win the topclass matches anymore..and second of all..samoa,tonga and fiji are few dozen of test matches away (and financial funding) from beating you blokes...which bodes well for us polynesians...

but ****..how embarrasing for the north if thats the case..where we pull funding out of our ass while someone like jonny wilkinson sleeps on a silk pillow

anywho...england are the new scotland till 2011..better start building now...

and buh bye brian lima!!!..one more game to go before you depart with rugby..one of the all time legends! and loyal servant to the samoan rugby establishment for over 15years!

thats tops
How funny was it when Lima almost killed Wilkinson as he was about to get up!!!
well..being that samoa are out im going for our 1st string samoan team..the allblacks!
Congrats to England on their win today, probably the best performance so far but a bit late after 2 previous games. A good quick try by England just quickly wiped out Samoa's wardance - s***! seemed like their wardance had no relevant point to this game - and so on for the next 15 minutes it reminded me of their game against Tonga. But I was pleased things shaped out slowly for the Manu and finally they looked more competitive. I agree with Webby about Polu's (video reffereed) try. From what I saw, it looked like the ball bounced after using his figure tips. The ball even bounced higher than when he first touched it so obviously it wasn't placed on the ground. Other than that, he was bloody slow at the rucks...too slow. As for most of the team, I don't think they've ever heard of a useful technique called off-load...having no supporters were probably the reason why...but they did create some space, breaking the line. Oh and welcome back Jonnay... :) ...great to see him back.

So out goes Samoa...and in comes the All Blacks! eeeeeyay-yah!
well england did get the win I still thought they were fairly average. the forwads did get some good driving mauls going and the lineout was good but that's about where it stopped. the england forwards just seem really slow and were often late to a lot of rucks slowing down many promising chances for the backs on attack. also a lot of the england kicking was poor and often straight down a samon player's throat. wilkinson really is a shadow of his former self and will ever get to the heights in his heyday of 2003. I really can't see England going beyond the quarters at this stage.
The difference for England yesterday was Wilkinson. He scored half the points and many of the penalties were beyond average kicking range and he also set-up a couple of scores, notably for Sackey. It would have been interesting to see Samoa play how they did vs SA against England performances in their first 2 games.

You have to understand that Samoa are a very proud team. They have been poor and didnt deserve to progress, but i think Tonga do deserve it. They have taken every team apart so far and lasted the duration and England will be no different. If you like, Tonga are the new Samoa.

The biggest problem is that all the pacific island teams are a team of 22 European and NZ-based mercenaries that come together once in a blue moon to try to show the world what pacific rugby is all about.

With the format of world cups now, it is unlikely that any of the pacific teams will be in the top 2 of the qualifying pool and will remain on 2 wins and 2 losses for eternity.

Still, Samoa proved yesterday that they can compete. They will eventually get there.. personally i'd like to see the pacific islanders have a go in 2011 or 2015 rather than the 3 seperate teams.
Didn't actually watch much of the game, was far too busy getting drunk in Bedford. However, I believe some people owe me an appologie for pooh-poohing what I said about Samoa be uber shite. What I did see however was an awful England side score twice as many as an equally awful, and supremely over-rated, Samon mob.

And for the record, that Samoan effort straight after the break was never a try.
Thoroughly enjoying it, thank you. I take it by the petty insults that you don't have a decent arguement? As a counter insult mind, just remember...
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Good luck rebuilding that home streak...

By the way, are you actually from Leicester or just a glory hunter?
Going back on topic - I thought the centres did not gel and England still have another midfield combination to try out, how about Flood/Hipkiss?
The difference for England yesterday was Wilkinson.[/b]

I disagree. I think the player who made the biggest difference yesterday was Gomersall. The speed of ball was above anything seen in the first two matches - the fact that he is an old school scrum half who is actually willing to dig for the ball meant that our backs had a fraction more time and space. Hence the reason why the ball occasioanally reached the wingers this time around.
To the people saying Jonny is now crap etc.

Try playing your first match back after an injury against a Samoan side who don't really aim to win, but to avoid a yellow card.
To the people saying Jonny is now crap etc.

Try playing your first match back after an injury against a Samoan side who don't really aim to win, but to avoid a yellow card. [/b]

I don't understand. Samoa needed to win to avoid going out.
I'm only messing with you Teh Mite.. Samoa have had a very poor World Cup by their usual standards. Certain players haven't had the impact for their country, as they do for their clubs, but other new players have been highlighted.. like Gavin Williams and Jerry Meafou.

Samoa are not a good team, but they are the team i support. I don't live in Leicester, but i support them because i used to as a kid when i played rugby and also i like to keep a track on two of my favourite pacific island players, Alesana Tuilagi and Seru Rabeni. I follow all the teams with Samoans in the Premiership, if i am truthful.

Ask yourself what is more embarassing.. a major rugby nation with top notch facilities and a large pool of talent playing like a team of donkeys, or a team of donkeys who do not have top notch facilities or regular meet-ups.

44-22 is fair result. No-one is complaining.
i reckon this is one of the most poor samoa sides ever, they were utter sheeet at the set pieces, just faaaaaar too many errors.. aw im most disappointed with samoa in this WC.. they really had the potential to beat eng last night. i just dont think they utilize the tuilagi brothers enough coz theyre awesome!

johnny he's not too bad ay lol impressive forwards that completely dominated the mauls lineouts and scrums!
Felt that uesterdays point only reinforced the point that England relies very heavily on Wilko. He's like a pick up pill. WIth him on the team, hes running the show, scoring points and (ugh) dropping goals. Without Wilko ENgland are still dropping thought - dropping down the world rankings that is.

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