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England XV



I think that the pack should be

Stevens (sheridan didnt play well yesterday)
Regan (maybe i am biased as i am from bristol not leicester but he should be 1st choice)
Vickery of course
Shaw (severely underrated)
Rees (the next Back)
Dan Ward Smith

and backs......

Perry (played a blinder yesterday
Catt/ Tindall (Catt is better but the combo of Tait and Tindall would be insane)
and Cueto
Sad, innit? You have these all possible England teams which should at least be able to compete on an international stage, yet Ashton insists on selecting players from the Holy Trinity or 2003 favorates... For example, compare these's likely starting lineups compared to what would be ideal;

1. Sheridan - Sheridan (That's a fair selection)
2. Chuter - Hartley (All season has shown why he deserves the England shirt, yet hasn't even got a sniff of England training)
3. Vickery - Brooks/Freshwater (No explanation needed)
4. Kay - Deacon (Has easily been the best of Leicesters jumpers this year)
5. Corry - Palmer (a rubbish no. 8 in the Boiler Room? He's lost the plat)
6. Worsley - Haskell (No explanation needed)
7. Moody - Rees (Another season of doing f*** all means Moody is an automatic selection... <_< )
8. Horrible Italian c*** - Easter (No explanation needed, easily the best 8 in England dropped for the RFUs pet)
9. Perry - Richards (Being as Paul Hodgson and Danny Care will forever be overlooked as they play for the wrong trams)
10. Wilkinson - Geraghty ("He was good half a decade ago, he must e good now" says Rob Andrew...)
11. Cueto - Sackey (Much faster, nowhere near as injury prone and has played recently)
12. Farrell - Hipkiss (The worst rugby player of all time or the best young 12 in the NH... Hmmmm)
13. Tait - Clarke (Young Matthew played for Newcastle. Did you know Rob Andrew likes Newcastle players...)
14. Strettle - Strettle (The correct choice, so lets all wait and see Varndell play... <_< )
15. Robinson - Cipriani (Either retire or don't, don't sit on the fence).

What sad times these are. [/b]
It's not the year of England. No Game No creativity and France is the most team.
1. A.Sheridan
2. D.Hartley
3. P.Vickery
4. M.Corry
5. S.Shaw
6. L.Moody
7. T.Rees
8. L.Dallaglio
9. S.Perry
10. J.Wilkinson
11. T.Varndell
12. O.Barkley
13. M.Tait
14. J.Robinson
15. J.Lewsey
shame i really wanted to see how strettle performed.. it's really a pity he got injured.

and i'm still distraught that they dropped geraghty :p

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