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  1. All Irish,Welsh,Scotish,French and Italian Fully updated becuase they were a shambles, Done Most overseas Transfers for guiness but Havent finished Many of The English Teams, If Someone Wants to do those becuase im unsure of stats ect :) cheers!;8...;/fileinfo.html
    Make a file called 2007_2008.ros in your Rugby 08 folder in my documents paste it in, enjoy :)
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  3. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I am releasing my second roster update for 06 very soon, i can give you my lists for english clubs if you like.
  4. The English clubs aint hard to do, im updateing the ps2 game with woosaah. I'm nearly done.
  5. cornish would you like to do it then? as its easy for you its only like 6 of the english clubs ive done a few

    fa'atau if you would then, it would be complete =] oh yer i gotta put t-pole is ospreys aswell, ill do that later
  6. Stillknox

    Stillknox Guest

    Great update ! However, If i may, I saw a few mistakes in the french teams.

    Stade Français :

    - David Auradou is not anymore in the team. He's now with Augustin Pichot at the Metro Racing 92, a second division team. You can put Cliff Milton in his place. He's a south african lock, who played for the Bulls last year, in the shadow of Matfield. His pic :
    - Lucas Borges, the argentinian international winger is gone too, in Italy. Same thing for Denis Dallan. Don't remember where exactly, sorry. You can replace him by Matthieu Bastareaud, a strong french centre, who was selectionned in June for the New Zealand Tour, but he was replaced after an injury. His pic :
    - Rodrigo Roncero is also missing. An international argentinian prop.

    Perpignan :
    - You did not put Cedric Rosalen in the team. Rosalen is the starting N°10 for Perpignan, and one of the best goalkicker in France. He even was the best point scorer two years ago. Not an excellent player (0 caps with France) but an excellent goalkicker fore sure. I think you can put him a good 87 at goalkicking. His picture :

    Hope this will help.

  7. Thanks, i tried my best with the french teams looking on there websites and other sources, ill update it asap Cheers

    If anyone else has any problems or found any errors please tell me and ill edit it

    also can this thread be moved please? or do i have to re-post?
  8. im gunna repost it and i have made changes to the rugby 08 mod part, with a new link.
  9. lick

    lick Guest

    thanks for it !
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