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Euros 2024 - Germany

It was infuriating seeing Kane pick the ball up off the centre back at one point, he needs to be up the pitch as an outlet.
Yeh Kane is not playing well. I don't think he's match fit and like Rooney is in the latter stages of his England career is going looking for the ball because he's not like Owen with the pace to run onto the ball. He likes to be that 9 and half but can't be anymore in this system. But can't see Southgate not starting him v Holland.

I expect same line up v Holland, with Guéhi coming in for Konza, who did well. Same inverted wingbacks. Keep it tight, nick a goal or equalise and go to pens if necessary. Holland have a worse penalty shootout record than England. Never felt any of the 5 was going to miss.

It sure isn't pleasing everyone - but who cares right? As long as it gets them to the final and a shot at finally landing a major trophy.
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Sometimes Facebook humour hits tbf.
Ah yes the anyone but England. True, if Holland deserve it and win then wouldn't be too disappointed TBH. And they sure as hell haven't played anything close to decent football. Penalties were perfect though v Swiss and that could well get them through again.

Anyway, Spain v France first. I wouldn't be surprised if France find something and get through this, even though Spain have been the best team so far. A tight one.
First goal from open play for France. Mbappé maskless.

Wow - what a goal from the 16 yo.
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Great game so far. I think Olmo's shot was going in anyway.

One big difference I feel between Spain especially and England is they take far more risks attacking. They put the ball in the box even if not certain to go to feet. They edge past players and cross. It feels like England only pass or cross when it's certain and usually by then it's too late.
I don't know about that, Saka made a few cut backs in the last game that went to no one as Kane wasn't even in the box. The one time he was in space Saka had a shot.
Biggest difference for me is that this England rarely pass between the lines. Side to side, backwards, good control but it rarely goes forward into the box, unless it's from a set piece or cross, and apart from keeping the ball doesn't serve much purpose. That's Hard to get through teams and Easy for low block teams to defend against. Reliance on individual brilliance to get back into games.

Also Surprised Copa America has no ET - apart from the final. Straight to pens after 90m.
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