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Euros 2024 - Germany

I have still never seen Kane do anything in an England shirt other than simple tap ins or penalties
I didn't even realise he was playing in this game until it showed the teams walking out for the second half
Kane's been pretty anonymous this match apart from that header.
Same old England - good first half but lost control of the game in the second. Just need to get a second to seal it. Don't like all this deep defending.

Crazy Bellingham's still only 20 going onto 21.
Going to be England captain sooner or later.
England not looking confident at all in the second half. That shaky mindset will need to be different against the bigger teams.
England not looking confident at all in the second half. That shaky mindset will need to be different against the bigger teams.
Yeh that's why I am not buying into this all England are favourites. England fans seem to develop amnesia every two years when we qualify and buy into the media hype.

No England men's seniors team has reached a final of a Euros or WC when the tournament has been held overseas. That's a massive burden to overcome and it's not by chance. Reaching the semis would be an achievement. But fans are desperate to a major trophy.
Winning start but not a tournament winning performance. Having said that, winning is all that matters in the end. Hopefully England will keep improving from here.
Southgate's England were great when on the front foot and pressing high up the pitch allowing them to pass it, the problem is that they don't have the energy as a team to sustain that the whole match and then Serbia began to Push further up and England did what they always do - start sitting back. That graphic the BBC put up showing the average position of the team in the first half v the second summed it up.

Good to get a win to start off the tournament but was looking for those signs to go all the way (wasn't expecting it). And given the format of this competition even 3rd spot can be good enough to qualify for the knockouts.
I much prefer Kane when drops a bit deeper to link up play and play through balls to the speed merchants (like he did with Son and Kulu at Spurs) but England are already blessed with the likes of Jude, Saka, Foden etc. which means he has to stay in the out and out striker role and not get so involved in the build up play.

Thought England did fine last night although I think a better team than Serbia would have punished that defence which is the area that concerns me the most. Spain, Germany and England look the best so far IMO and we still have France to come. Wouldn't be shocked if those four made the semis.
Nice to see a little xenophobia in our youth. That little kid'll be voting reform one day.

(Seriously that **** is what ****** me off about football fans)
It's more of a class thing than a football thing to be honest. I can see why it's off putting but they all seemed harmless enough. I would've respected the kid more if he necked a pint in 2 seconds then said it.

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