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Exclusive to the 360



........................PING PONG!

Yes that right the makers of GTA bring out one of the most terrible sports game ever! :wall:

Although it does look nice, its bloody table tennis for f**k sake! :%#%#:

Ping yourself here, pong. There is a link to a trailer on there aswell.

Rockstar is well known for its uber violent game GTA, so what do they do?.................that right turn gay & release a table tennis.

I think I will get this game though ;)
I wonder if theres any hidden sex scenes...

I used to be the man at table tennis.

And I am currently the man at hidden sex scenes...
This will no doubt help the 360 sell in Asia. The only games that is left is Sudoki (sp) & Origami to conquer them all.
i heard they were doing this game just to show off some of the things that the 360 can do. i found this out when i was looking out for the new gta on 360 but didn thtink it was worth a mention :)
can we decapitate peoples heads when we lose? or even when we win

aka mortal kombat


that would be fun

but its the Midnight Club nobheads...so i doubt any GTA type stuff is anywhere.

Apparantly they are table tennis mad, and play/have tournaments weekly at their studios.

Will sell in Asia.....i'll rent it...........i didnt get a next generation machine to play a pissy version of tennis.......heck i wont even get Top Spin360, coz its just the same as the others.

When are they going to take these machines to the next level like oblivion

yea i ain't played that oblivion yet but it sounds like it's going to take forever to finish, my mate said he played it for hours and he was only 0.02% thru it haha
i'll be renting out that ping pong just to see if it's as good as real life coz table tennis is hella cool to play in rea life.
as for GTA.. i'm waiting on saint's row, that game sounds quite promising! GTA is still way off for the 360 so just make do with this saint's row game.

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