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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Gavin, Dec 7, 2006.

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    I recently read an artictle in Rugby World that from January the IRB are going to use Scotland's Super Cup as a testing ground for proposed new laws.. These are the ones that I find a bit odd..

    1- there is no maximum number of players in the lineout but there is a minimum of two..

    Does that mean that the whole team can enter the lineout? :huh:

    2- When a defender recieves the ball outside the 22m line and passes or takes the ball back inside the 22, the following can occur:

    If the ball is then kickd directly into touch, the lineout is in line with where the ball was kicked..

    If a tackle, ruck or maul is formed and the ball is then kicked directly into touch, the lineout is where the ball crossed the touchline..

    3- The offside line for players (apart from the scrum-half) not in the scrum is five metres behind the hindmost foot of the scrum..

    To be fair I think that the rule about the scrum is good because it provides a very good attacking potential..

    I would like some views on them please..
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  3. This is gonna f*** up our leagues big style..
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