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f*** off Wigan


St Helens RLFC

I am absolutely sick to death of their cheating. Time and time again they have pulled the great game of rugby league down, pulling us through the mud with their constant cheating, rule bending and breaking.


As far as I'm concerned, they have opened a can of worms. I hope Castleford destroy them and destroy the RFL in the courts. I lost any respect for the RFL I had last week when they decided to judge Wigan on last season's rules instead of this years, the penalties were twice as bad this year.

They were £220,000 OVER the salary cap! They should have had the book thrown at them! But no, a piffling 4 point fine. Big wow! Sure, they're 9th now but they will still make the 6. They should be in the lower division.


I hate them so, so much. They continually disrupt the integrity of rugby league. As far as I am concerned, my game died a little yesterday.

Horrible, cheating mutants.
Its that fecking t***t Maurice. We hate him as much as any one. Don't tarnish us all because of that prick.

Nothing to do with the fans Jeff, it's the club. The Wigan club are the scourge of the game. Have been for the last two decades, always will be.
Its not the club per say, its the wankers running the club ie Whelan and Lyndsey that have fecked Wigans name in RL

There needs to be a complete upper management clear out and somebody who can use a calculator :wacko:
And if you believe the press this morning, the RFL will be going through Wigan's books for the last three seasons as there is proof of payments being made into offshore accounts. Proof also exists supposedy that Sadlinski didn't play for free. Orrell RU's books might also be up for inspection.

If anything is found to be irregular Wigan should be demoted to NL2 - the book needs to be thrown at them.
What would annoy me in your position *shudders* Jeff is that rumours have been abound about salary cap cheating from Wigan for years and years and years. Even when I was a little boy, there were rumours that Andy Farrell's wife was the best paid cleaner in the North West.....

They've had years to get things straight and can't. I find that grossly incompetent.
It is gross imncompetence, any where else and you would be sacked. I would rather we got relegated and not have none all this hostility from other fans. Take relegation on the chin and come back the following year.

But we have heard similar storys bout Stains aswell.
I honestly think your next two seasons (this one and next) have been screwed up by last season. If you deferred payments to players until after the season had finished for 3 months, then surely you'll be 25% over the cap next season?!

As you say, you ought to have accepted your fate last year, gone down and rebuilt. Wigan are in such a mess.
that is weak really. if such a massive breach happened in the nrl it would be a lot more than 4 points lost. wigan have deliberately cheated castleford out of a spot in superleague. castleford should defintely take legal action I think to get back what is rightfully their's
I think that will be hard to prove. They beat us both occasions. I think they lost too many games at the end of the day.
Are these 4 points being docked for impeachments of the rules last year or this year though?

Orrell RU's books might also be up for inspection. [/b]

That'll open up a huge can of worms; Everyone is suspicous how one of the former club giants had such a rapid downfall.
Ah, so the RFL is dirty like the NFL...nice to hear.
Ask me why I rarely watch NFL now.
Haven't Saints cheated 2 years on the run too? [/b]

There's being over the cap and there's being £220,000 over the cap. That's cheating. Not expecting Gardner and Graham to play for GB IS an error. It's not deliberately breaching the cap to stay alive.

It's wrong, and we've been punished appropriately. But it's not cheating. What Wigan have done and what Saints have done are two totally different crimes.

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