F1 2008 Season, Who Will Win It?

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by CarmineReynolds, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. seems like its going to be a pretty open season what with traction control off, only a few drivers before pre season testing knew what its like, and with alonso going back to renault, it should make them reasonabley competitive.

    So possibly a four horse race with Ferrari, McLaren, and Renault with the possibility of BMW developing on a great season they had last year, what does everyone else think.
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  3. ivanzetta

    ivanzetta Guest

    Raikkonen is favourite n° 1....
    Go Kimi Go....
  4. beckhamitsme

    beckhamitsme Guest

    my favourite is fernando alonso, but i like jenson button, it's a good driver
  5. Hoodo

    Hoodo Guest

    I'd hope for an RBR season - Obviously because DC is Scottish, other than that.

    Go Kimi! Boo Hamilton!
  6. I intensely hate Ferrari so anyone except ferrari i like williams but i dont hold out much hope them. The coverage in Australia is shiteful where races get delayed for such shows as big brother up late <_< :toss: .

    I hope Mark Webber can keep on the track and finish races. :)
  7. Kel_Sumo

    Kel_Sumo Guest

    i would put my money on hamilton doing very well again, and he shouldn't make the errors he did last time, and i dont think alonso will get anywhere near, it'll be another ferrari vs mclaren... and it just depends which you hate more, hamilton or ferrari :p
  8. Well from winter testing the Ferrari seems to be the best car by a few tenths and Massa has never driven without TC before so you would have to make Raikkonen favourite. Mclaren should own the second row but i think Ferrari will be out of reach. Behind them there is going to be a classic battle between, Renault,Williams,Redbull and BMW for 3rd. Im hoping DC can push on this year as it could be his last. :cryy:

    Also the Honda driven by Button and Barrichello has looked the slowest car on the grid so far, sorry for Button fans but i think they will struggle to get out of first qualifying.
  9. CatmanF1

    CatmanF1 Guest

    I completely agree with you, Ferrari will have the best car, but since I've known Lewis since he was 13 I'm a diehard fan - time to get his own back!

    Actually thats not strictly true - If Super Aguri make it to the grid they will be the slowest - we havent even seen their 2008 car yet :p Oh dear poor Anthony
  10. Fagballs

    Fagballs Guest

    I'd love to see Hamilton do it this year tbh, but I think Ferrari looks the better car unfortunately. As long as fernando alonso doesnt do it, im happy. Lewis' time will come for sure
  11. Camberabero

    Camberabero Guest


    World Champs 2008......

    wanna bet ???
  12. edpt

    edpt Guest

    I think that Ferrari have the best team for both championship.

    I hope Massa will be the champ!
  13. Busko

    Busko Guest

    I go for the Raikkonen-Ferrari back to back win.

    Their car is still top notch (well...bein a Ferrari says it all :lol: ) and the Finnish is a great great driver, fast and reliable.
    Hamilton will be there too, and Massa (if he finally becomes a bit less incident prone than the last years) will probably be a threat.
    Alonso (wich is my favourite pilot, i saw f1 tests for a couple of years and "live" he is very impressive) sadly won't probably be of the match, Reanult isn't a good enough car.
  14. Jimmy0

    Jimmy0 Guest

    I can see it coming down to Raikkonen and Hamilton.

    I just want to see it be a close championship to make it even more exciting. :)
  15. michelev83

    michelev83 Guest

    i think hamilton
  16. badboy80

    badboy80 Guest

    as long as it isn't Hamilton i don't care
  17. leungtl

    leungtl Guest

    Got my money on Hamilton, looks unbeatable at the moment
  18. badboy80

    badboy80 Guest

    I think Kimi will win tomorrow
  19. Busko

    Busko Guest

    Last race was such a mess for the Rosse di Maranello...two engines broken in the weekend, it didn't happened since 1997 (i think that says enough about how unfortunate was this race :D ), Massa and Raikkonen both went picking flowers in the Australian countryside more than once...

    Let's look at the bright side, worst than this Ferrari can't go :p
  20. badboy80

    badboy80 Guest

    looks like i was right :)
  21. anyone see this thing about alonso saying he might leave renault? if kovaleinan turns out well at mclaren, next year could be amazing. with the teams that have started to come through this year developing further next year, alonso and raikonnen at ferrari and hamilton and heiki at mclaren. 4 fast guys in 4 very fast cars. could be very interesting.
    betting on hamilton this year though.
    cant wait for the night race.
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