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Fa'atau's Rugby 06 PC MOD thread..



Ok here is the score, i got here late for Rugby '06, but i am currently well into modding the NH section of the game, which hasn't really been done. I will mod the whole game (SH and NH) eventually as it needs it.

I can't take requests for kits/graphics unless it updates for teams i haven't re-done yet. I intend to either make the new WC kits or take them from '08 if poss.

The patch eventually should have:-

* Full updated Guinness Premiership kits/rosters/minikits -

(minus Leeds, but with Northampton and fully edited Harlequins)

* Updated French Top 14 clubs rosters/kits (Bourgoin, Toulouse, St. Francais, Clermont, Perpignan, Castres)

*Updated Treviso and Calvisano rosters (Brescia) kits will remain as previously patched.

I will post kits as i do them, they just need a tweak at the moment or need kit backs and then i will upload them as .big and .fsh files.




Made the new Tonga, Fiji and Samoa kit for World Cup. Any requests for any other national teams?

I will do England/France's new one (looks quite simple) and might have a bash at the new canterbury kits.

Here is some quick examples of the kits so far.. they need a tweak in certain areas.


Fiji Home
Tonga home

Tonga Home kitback
Well, they are in my game now and work fine, i just need to complete all numbers for kitbacks (easy enough) and then they are ready. I can upload them tonight. Fiji socks and shorts i made up as i don't have previews of those parts of the new kits.

I will learn as i go along how to get the best possible designs for more complex kits, but they look better than the generic kits they have at the moment. They will get better as i figure out what works and i will upload corrected versions later

I wanted some feedback. I will probably make a whole mod file for each team, so the logos, kits and minikits are done too.. but that can be in dribs and drabs.

I had a great idea for a National Team/WC MOD, which would feature the updated teams for 2007 and throwback teams for past world Cups (1991-2003). The patch would work with two loadable rosters (example Samoa 2007 squad and samoa 2003 squad) and the kits would be samoa home 2007 and samoa home 2003.

So, you load the retro roster folder in the game and play with the away kits in the game. And the same for the new rosters. I'm hoping that the clubs wouldn't be messed-up roster wise.

Not sure if you can control the kit selection in competitions, and also australia would bugger it up as they only have a home kit?

Question is what teams would you have as the retro teams..

NZ 1999
SA 1995
ENG 2003
AUS 2003
Samoa 2003
Fiji 1999 or 2003
France 1999

or maybe all-time teams?
I'm opening a small website with my downloads, as i find badongo a nightmare.

The site is made, i will upload the files and add the url to this thread later today and they will be ready to drop into the main directory in the usual manner.

btw i have fixed the deliberate mistake on the england shorts..
Awesome work so far fa'atau, the kits look great, I will be fascinated to see how the Manu's new kit looks, what with the Pe'a tattoo design on the back and the taulima on the arm, it has the potential to be one of the coolest jerseys in the game, and check out the Manu socks, they are funky!!!
Looking forward to you posting your website link.
Off topic; I thought this might give you a laugh, but I was talking to my dad who had a chat to some of the Manu players in Samoa and apparently Lome Fa'atau's nickname within the team is Kaea, if you don't know what that means then be sure to ask your wife. I must say I was highly amused and I'm pretty sure it's coz the guys a big chicken on d.
The main problem i have with the tattoo graphics is that they stretch and skew on the sleeves. Samoa's is quite easy.. i have the jersey so i could effectively scan the arm of my shirt, unless i can get a pic off the net like i did for Tonga.

I have got fraps now so i can post up some screenshots. They look very good in my opinion, especially the new england kits. Tonga and Samoa will look better when i can figure out how to stop the tattoo graphics enlarged.

Ty for the compliments ozzy, i will reveal all soon!
I can't quite recall but does the Manu jersey have a collar like that, or is it one of those round necked jerseys? Also are you popping the sponsor on the jersey, I think it's "SIFA.WS, it's just under the puma logo. Everything's looking great so far, can't wait to see the finished product, especially with those funky socks.
one question... do these new kits save within a roster or not?? it's just that im confused as to whether the updated super 14 roster and these new kits will have to be saved seperately.

The samoa kit in the game is round neck, but the real one is kind of squareish and has the pointed white design. I'm not sure if the game has a neck design like that. I dont know how to configure the .bin file yet.

The real kit is here http://www.lovellrugby.co.uk/cgi-bin/lr.cg...al&pid=2595

I cant find any pics of the socks. Do you know what they look like or have a pic? Same with the shorts. The kit backs are done, i just need to adjust the white areas. Same with the front. I can add the sponsor as well if you like. I think the tatau look very good.


The kits and graphics use the 'drop-in' system, which means that once you have made or downloaded a graphic (fsh or big file) then you just put the file in the main directory of the ea folder (hdd/programfiles/ea sports/easportsrugby06) and the graphic will appear in the game. It doesnt delete anything, if you want to lose the graphic, just take the file out of the folder again.

The rosters are different and are completely not linked in anyway to kits. My latest roster update has updated NH and National teams but i havent realised it yet. It's best to release the roster update and graphics together IMHO, they sort of dont work without each other if you know what i mean.
Hi Fa'atau, it is so unbelievably hard to find any recent pics of the manu. I'll have to write home and get some of the pics of the game at Apia park I took, it's so crap. Anyway here's a link that allows you to just see the sponsorship logo, sorry it's so poor.


The jerseys being sold don't include any of the sponsorship logos.

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