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I continuously get those annoying invitations from facebook and zorpia and orange shark etc.

Now that I've seen this thread, I might have a look at face book and have a go.

Actually, I'll make a bebo page for TRF. Have a look... http://www.bebo.com ....It's huge in Australia, Britain and NZ
Ok then you do FaceBook, and i'll do Bebo.

We already have MySpace aswell so it's free advertising.

I'll be sure to add a few hundred people on the Bebo one asap.
coo...hopefully i can get all the people in the rugby groups and collegiate rugger crowd on board.
Who has got one and who fancies knocking one up for TRF?

Ill gladly knock some chicks up in the name of TRF

you guys can watch, but scream geronimo when im done.
I think Bebo has just taken over from google as the most visited page in Ireland, something mad like that. Facebook seems much more restricted than bebo or myspace.
What's a facebook?...oh I don't care what it is but I'd like to join on the Bebo part...hehehe :D
Facebook has a much better structure than Bebo or Myspace. Not as easy to spam with advertising from a TRF point of view though.

Still better than any of the other networking sites out there.
joined facebook, joined the rugby forum, sent friend requests. If you haven't recieved a request, it's because you weren't on there when I did this, so hit me up.