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Fact or Fiction?

Real player names or better game play?

  • Real names, licenses, stadiums and teams (e.g. S12's etc..)

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  • Concentrate on game play

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  • An editor to change everything

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  • Everything (I'm greedy)

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The Kiddie

Seeing as licensed names, teams, stadiums and competitions cost money whould you prefer the development costs to go into licenses, gameplay, an editor or a bit of everything?
Why the hell did you make a thousand polls, you should have just put your ideas in the WCR2 thread instead...
he went all out.....much respect
....u must be very bored
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
  wtf man why so many threads?[/b]

There's a lot of cr@p on these msg boards, and the same points are made over and over again. At least this way Swordfish can easily identify some of the key points and measure the demand for such features.

I'd rather they spend time concentrating on the game than trawling through some of the tripe on here. Afterall we all want the same thing..... a rugby game to rival the game play of Pro Evo 3, the presentation of Madden and the addictiveness of seeing Denise Richards lap-dancing for free!
Originally posted by The Kiddie@Jul 16 2004, 07:56 PM
the addictiveness of seeing Denise Richards lap-dancing for free!
Im up for that

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