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fake pass



when playing the cpu, they pull the old "fake pass" or "dummy pass" when close to the line. it is even called in the commentary.

i don't mind it but i can't find any reference to it. how do you throw the dummy?

i think it's only fair to say what's good for the goose....
Good point, tried last night and only suceeded in throwing away posession...
Press one of the pass directions, then the other one instantly afterwards.

Ie. Press the button to pass left, but almost instantly press the button for right pass.

Once you get used to the technique you can delay the dummy for fractions of a second, allowing the animation to go slightly further before stopping the pass.
danny did it to me the other night, i fell for it to if i remember correctly
Works very well against humans, but you hav to go to great lebghts to get the AI to fall for it.
It is really only useful against the AI when you want to use a slight change of pass of just before you throw a long cut-out pass.

To be fair though I hardly ever use it.
i use it quite frequently against the ai, mostly dummy inside so i can spread it wide and sometimes itll create a bit more space up the middle, but it works sooo good in multiplayer
yes it does work for pc not too sure about the keyboard keys as I play with a logitech pad but should be whatever the pass buttons are
yeah pc version works, i don't have a playstation. it's a real quick a-d or d-a on the keyboard.

start by playing wallabies or allblacks against namibia etc. on club level, that will give you a bit more room. then all you need to do is practise

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