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Famous sporting commentary bloopers



This thread is dedicated to those magnificent moments of sporting commentary bloopers. As heard live by television audiences of millions. Please feel free to contribute your own observations!

Of course, we`ll have to start this off with Murray Mexted. Fearless player in his heyday, and even more fearless behind the microphone.

"I just hate to see players going down on hookers like that."

" Andrew Mehrtens is running straight across the field shouting:' Come inside me, come inside me!'"

Trevor Quirck, former Saffa cricket commentator known for his "quircky" comments: "Tendulkar is stroking Kallis beautifully through the covers!"

Unnamed golfing commentator, during one of the bigger tournaments, possibly a major? "The reason that [insert relevant player`s name here, can`t remember who it was] has been playing so well, is because his wife, who is also his caddie, takes out his balls and kisses them before every shot. OMG, did I just say that?!"

And of course, the beauty of all beauties, this is an actual quote from a leading Saffa newspaper report on a domestic cricket match quite a while back. There is only a single typo, but it just makes the quote come alive!

"Big Garth was in excellent form after drinks. In a memoraby agressive spell, he picked up 4 wickets in 9 lovers, 3 of which were maidens

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