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Fantasy Rugger - TRF pool/League


Feb 20, 2014
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London Wasps
Right so the Fantasy Rugger Website launched yesterday, it's part owned by Ian Madigan and is meant to be a pretty comprehensive Fantasy Rugby game - scoring points for things like Turnovers and the such as well as appearances and trys etc....

Do people fancy doing a TRF league for the World Cup?

You call it a league, I'd call it a mere formality.
Yeah they ran it during the 6N for the first time. It's pretty good, I actually won it overall so might just retire on a high.
RWC Fantasy Rugby 2015 [ESPN]


ESPN RWC Fantasy league is here! Really easy to make team.

I've set up a 'The Rugby Forum' League, I'll bump this thread every few days.

League Pin : 1122470-3234

Good Luck!

RE: Recommend putting your TRF name as your team name.
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No doubt people joining the forum prior to 2014 have a massive advantage due to their superior knowledge of how to be arrogant.
There's no limit to who we can pick right? That's too bad, everybody's squad will be somewhat similar. Would be more challenging and interesting if we could only select a restricted numbers of stars. I suppose that we do have to make regular teams as we seem allowed to pick three hooker up front or 3 N.8s in the back row.
You get 15 changes in the group stage and 10 changes in the knock out..

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