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  1. Here is the games for the first 11 rounds that will be shown on Fox Sports

    TV games for the first 11 rounds (subject to change) are:

    Round 1 - Warrington vs Hull FC and Castleford vs Catalans
    Round 2 - St Helens vs Warrington and Bradford vs Huddersfield
    Round 3 - Bradford vs St Helens and Harlequins vs Wakefield
    Round 4 (part 2) - Wigan vs Bradford
    Round 5 - Castleford vs Leeds and Warrington vs Wigan
    Round 6 - Hull FC vs Wakefield and Hull KR vs Castleford
    Round 7 - Leeds vs Bradford, St Helens vs Wigan and Hull KR vs Hull FC
    Round 8 - Hull FC vs Leeds
    Please note, only 2 or 3 of the 4 games over the Easter rounds (7 & 8) will be on Fox Sports
    Round 9 - St Helens vs Leeds and Warrington vs Harlequins
    Round 10 - Huddersfield vs Catalans and Leeds vs Wigan
    Round 11 - Castleford vs Hull FC and Huddersfield vs Wakefield
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