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  1. I have started trying to edit like you and Edinburgh Gunner but so far I've been very unsuccessful! First problem is; I don't know an easy way to view and edit .BIG files (BigGui only seems to let me export them) Secondly I have tried editing .FSH files using FshEd but every time I do the file goes slanted and wierd and sometimes I get and error message saying 'Access violation at address 01A02859 in module 'EaTo32.dll'. Write of address 01DF7000'
    Also is there any image editing program you recommend downloading (I had PSPro but my trial ended I do have Paint Shop Photo Album if that's any good)

    Could you just give me a bit of help 'cause if I was half as good as you or Edinburgh Gunner I'd be brilliant!

    By the way, how do you know which kitbacks are which? I've found a few and I don't have a clue whose they are!
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  3. There's a list of kit file locations somewhere, for both front and back of the kits.

    What you need to do is extract the .big from the .gob using biggui. Then extract the fsh from the .big again using biggui. You can view the fsh in fshed, but export the image as a bmp then edit it using an outside editor (for instance, me and tony use psp). When your done editing the graphic, import the image back into the fsh by fshed, import the fsh into the .big and then place the .big in your root directory for Rugby 06.

    That's a garbled version, I'll simplify it tomorrow - I'm tired cause I had trainig and was at a party last night and didn't get in till 5.00AM (whoopies). Anyway, good luck.

  4. It's not really it's helped a lot! Thanks! Im still not sure about a lot of things but I'll post them tomorrow after I do a bit of messin' about!
  5. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    Download DOFFLIN LIVE from here http://nba2kstuff.nbalive.org/

    it is very easy to use and lets you preview whats in the big files and is super easy to import/export files, although some of the normal fsh files can't be read most can if not then use fshed, between these two programs you should have no probs
  6. csrtt815

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    Ok its as gunner said same way as i do it but ill try and give you and everyone else step by step instructions.

    1). 1st things 1st, for all that want to learn how to edit the kits you need these programs, A paint package that handles layering and masking eg PSPro PShop. Editing progs BigGui, EaGraph, FshED, i also use DragonUnPacker5 makes things easier to see within the *.GOB files.

    2). To open the Data.Gob file, click the right mouse button on the data.gob file then [open with] a box will open up locate the BigGui.exe then click apply, once the data.gob file has opened all you will see is numbers/letters there will be *.fsh *.big *xml *.bin *.dat files in there, the only ones we want is the *.fsh & *.big files.

    3). To extract the *.fsh & *.big files, there is a list that myself EVOL and others have done to find the locations of the teams, as i know the files so this will help on the way.
    Ok lets say you want to edit the Ospreys as their my team so thats what we going to do! as you have the BigGui open locate = f4811da78d343d5480e774c2bd8cd345.big by scrolling down the list see fig.1 then click on it once to highlight it, then press export file see fig.1 save the *.big file to a safe place.


    4). To extract the kit from the *.big file, close the data.gob file then open the exported f4811da78d343d5480e774c2bd8cd345.big with BigGui there should be 2 files in the *big file, (Config.bin & kit.fsh) see fig.2 highlight the kit.fsh then export it to your safe folder or your kit folder where you are going to edit the kit from? then close the BigGui.


    5). To export the *.bmp from the kit.fsh, open the kit.fsh with EaGraph you should have the kit0 on the left column, click on it then you should see the kit in the window on the right viewer window, see fig.3 once you have the picture there save the kit to your safe folder, to do this click on [File] scroll down to [Save As] see fig.4 then a window will open for you to save your file to a location & file type see fig.5 then save your file type to your safe folder, you are done for the extraction part.




    To be continued!!

    Will post how to edit and layer the kits soon. . . . . .

    Hope this helps you so far?

  7. Don't bother I'm OK now! Thanks to the two of you I'm going to have great fun editing and messing for ages! If I create anything good I'll post it. If I've any more questions I'll post them here or in one of the more popular kits threads. Thanks again guys you've been a massive help!
  8. PeeJay

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    While we're asking questions of an editing leg-end, do you have a list of which files are for each team's ball in the game?
  9. Dont think there is one yet peejay. By the way, I'm trying to do Treviso's jersey and I'm looking for some good pictures or what the sponsors are any help?
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