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Favorite team

Club would have to be Sale Sharks now that Luke McAlister is there for 2 years.

National team........ I'm not too fond of any to be honest. But if there's one team I'd like to see do well it would be Scotland easily.
Hy, who is your favorite team in the nothern hemisphere ? [/b]

Apart from Waterloo I always look out for Leicester, Saints, Biarritz & Lourdais.
Apart from Wales and the Welsh regions, I always like to see Scottish rugby do well.
Aupa Aupa BO!!

Though I'm a huge fan of the Top 14, Pro D2 and Fédérale 1 in general, Biarritz are the only team I support.
If it's got to be a team other than the one i support (Tigers) then i'd say toulouse. In England then Sale.
Well I would have to say quins because I support them but Cardiff blues are an exciting dynamic team?
In FRANCE Toulon ... and Toulousse in H Cup or Top 14 championship.

I like Ireland during last 6 nations or France of course.
I keep a close eye on Glasgow and Edinburgh but i dont really support either. I would probably go for Sale as well, with Lamont,White and McAlistar there plus Sheridan Chabal etc they will/ are an exciting side to watch. It will be interesting to see how Rory Lamont develops there, he has already scored a couple of sensational tries.
Newcastle Falcons are my team, but apart from them I've always followed Swansea for family reasons so these days it's the Ospreys! Always hope the Welsh regions/national team do well.
my favourite team is bayonne...during one week we were first...but toulouse are better...this night there is sale against bayonne to jean dauger...
Bristol is the team where my heart lyes but i follow Ulster for family reasons. As long as i see a good game of rugby i don't care who wins,unless Bristol are playing.
I Love Leinster
and the Irish National Team
I like Stade Francais too because they have Hernandez who is a monster!
I hope he doesnt go to Leicester like I heard
apart from Glasgow i always look out for Ulster scores for familly reasons, and like to see all the Cletic sides do well in Europe (with the condition that Edinburgh dont do any better than us)
Gotta be Toulouse, just need a mate who can speak french to let me know when their home games are, wouldn't mind getting a groupl together to go watch, some absolute legends of the game playing there
After the last world cup it would have to be France, and they way they went so far with so little on the park.

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