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Fear and Popery and... Leinster?


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Apr 24, 2011
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This interview or what ever you want to call it lol was quite funny. At first I didn't know what was going on and tbh I still don't know what is going on.

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Feb 16, 2005
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The land of the leprechauns and the pot of gold, the blarney stone and the one they call Ronan O'Gara , we come in search of the one they call Feicarsinn. We can only imagine the trouble for all with this one.

Mr Feicarsinn, good day to you even if its not been a good one. We the inquisition have some questions for you and you cannot leave until I and my men have the answers to them!

So to the questions, lets start simple, if you follow we are in business, if not a punishment awaits. Feicarsinn what is the true meaning of your name?

It means 'Look at us.' It's stupid and doesn't make any sense and I don't like it. But it's a bit late to change it now. It comes from when we were in the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking areas, usually in the west but there's also one in Meath and another one in Waterford. Loads of people go to schools there for about 2 weeks to brush up on their Irish during the summer) and we'd shout at other people in the school 'Hey, Feic ar sinn. Téigh trasna ort féin!' Which basically translates to go **** yourself. We were nice kids.

Ah but we are looking at you now and yes we are laughing at you. As we come in search of rugby knowledge, we must ask what is your rugby background?

I don't play anymore, although I'm planning to get back into it next year for the college 4ths or something. I played for Greystones RFC for a while when I was younger, but I never really stuck at it. Over here, most guys who go to rugby schools don't play club during their Junior and Senior cup years so club teams kinda fall apart for that year. I just never went back after I was 14. Also played a good bit in school, but we were a small soccer school so we'd only play 2 or 3 games a year before getting knocked out. I played flanker and sometimes centre. I suffered from having zero pace so I wasn't really all that effective.

Don't play anymore, pah such a disappointment. A flanker / centre with no pace is no good to anyone. With such skills who was your rugby idol as a youngster?

Denis Hickie. The guy epitomised everything that was great about Leinster and Ireland in the early to mid 00's. Loads of flair and skill and a desire to play with the ball in hand. Great pace and footwork, as exiting a player as you're likely to see and incredibly honest. That tackle against France in 2001 anyone? He brought a smile to your face even during the times when we were the flakiest team in Europe. His try against Toulouse was incredible and one of my greatest rugby memories. As far as I'm concerned Girve the swerve, Shaggy and Disco Denis. It's a shame he retired so young, I thought he had a lot more to give. Should have been a Lion, but failing that at least he got to be in the best building supplies ad of all time (I'd link, but for the life of me I can't find it.)

Ah the man mountain Hickie, this player we will look further into. So Feicarsinn we are in Bray, describe it to us and where are you taking us out tonight?

Bray is a bit of a hole. In fairness, it could actually be a nice spot but there are loads of scumbags floating about with their drugs and such. The main street has been kind of let go by the town council but the beach is still a good place to go out for a pint and the like. There a couple of nice pubs and night clubs down there including the Harbour Bar, Lonely Planet's Best pub in the world! It's kinda half traditional Irish pub with ceile music and all that craic and half ramshakle indie student bar. My local hangout.

The Harbour Bar, we will dock there tonight and drink until the morning come. So we hear being Irish is unique, is this true?

I dunno, I think we're very good at ripping the ****. We don't take anything too seriously, which is good because we're usually getting screwed over
in one way or an other. We give each other a horrible time. Whenever we have guests from abroad or something they're always shocked at the amount of abuse we give our mates.

In general we're just a big nation a smart-asses.

We see what you did there son. Hopefully we will see the traditional mick take tonight. We hear the favourite tipple in Ireland is Guinness ... do we drink it straight or do we add extra to it?

Adding anything to a pint of Guinness is generally a terrible idea. It's a truly fantastic drink, the staple diet of the young Irishman. I've heard that a Smithwick's head can be very nice, but I've never tried it.

Gotcha, drink straight with no twist. *Turns to a member of the Spanish Inquisition* Ensure we drink this Guinness tonight, I am curious about this drink. Oh sorry Feicarsinn ... where were we? Ah yes, who is your favourite rugby team?

As a few of you may have guessed, I'm quite a big Leinster fan. The RDS is only about 40 minutes on the bus or train from my house which is a big factor in supporting them. Personally I don't see how you can support a team for somewhere that you're not. Where's the tie, you know?

Anyway, the fact that a lot of players are actually from in or around here does help. Leo Cullen comes from Newtown and Luke Fitzgerald from Enniskerry, which are bout only about 10 minutes down the road. Reggie Corrigan used to sell rolls and stuff in my school. It's a great club and the vast majority of supporters are great, despite the negative rep we get.

Oh, the trophies are nice too /forumOLD/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

Ah Leinster, the boys of Dublin right? We hear the seasons been good?

Fantastic - more than we could have possibly hoped for. With a new coach and al pf the transition that goes with that I would have been delighted with just getting out of the HC group and a decent league campaign. When I saw the draw for the cup I thought we may have to put up with competing in the Amlin, but Joe has been fantastic. Great coach, great team. Delirah.

Good stuff, when was the last time you went to see them play?

Jeez, it's been a while. I was at the Ulster match a few weeks ago. We got the bonus point in something like 20 minutes and then decided to do nothing for the rest of the game. Was a good game actually, but Ulster were wrecked from the Northampton game the week earlier. Will be at the semi tomorrow.

Cracking, we hear of a legend they call Sir John Hayes of Scrum, is this man a genuine legend?

Ugh. I was fine with John Hayes until he tried to lobotomize Cian Healy. In fairness to the lad, he was a very good servant of Irish rugby in a time when there were literally no other tightheads available. But he's a really old man now. Have him stick to the farming and let Tony Buckley inherit the job of embarrassing the nation.

Tony Buckley we have heard of this beast, apparently sailing off next season to England. Net question ... do you follow / play any other sport?

By golly yes. I played pretty much everything up until I was 15 when women became more of a priority. Was a decent keeper in for my local football team, still play a bit of astro every now and then if I get the chance. Played Gaelic football for about the same amount of time. Made a good centre back I must say. Never near and of the county teams or anything. Still play hurling for Bray and Wicklow and while the standard isn't amazing, as you'd expect from one of the non traditional hurling counties, it's taken pretty seriously. We got to the county semi final last year, but the less said about that match the better.

We know you are member of the TRF, why do you like it so much? We hear it smells.

It's a good forum. The guys on here seem to generally have a good amount of rugby knowledge and there's some kind of debate or squabble going on most of the time. It's nice to talk to people who actually know what they're on about as opposed to "O'gara iz amAzingg!!!!1!1," which I hear far too often down the pub these days. Also, the new layout is nosh.

Good debates and rowdy behaviour ... a pub forum then. What is the crack with the forum members then?

Ah, you're all alright. Dorce and Lucky number 7 amuse me and Snoop seems to know literally everything about Irish rugby, which is handy. The mod team are usually a pretty decent bunch of chaps too, at least I've never had any real problem with them. Apart from those guys, munstermuffin, Shaggy, dullonien, LordHope, DunctheDoodle and Charles are all great posters. I'm sure I've left some out.

I don't really dislike anyone on the forum to be honest. Except for Cyril. But no one likes Cyril, so that's okay.

Ah yes we have met this cyRil, a strange one we noticed! We always ask on our travels, who is your favourite Muppet?

Rizzo and Gonzo. No explanation needed. Or maybe superprop.

Ah Rizzo and Gonzo, many a laugh shared amongst them and us. So down to the final sets of questions. What is your favourite film?

The Godfather II. It's an absolute masterpiece. Fantastically written and directed and the quality of acting is immense. How DeNiro got the Oscar over Pachino baffles me, but they were both immense. The two scenes that always stick with me are the shooting of Vito's mother and the abortion scene with Kay.

As for comedy, I fail to see how anyone can't love Anchorman and Animal House.

Hmm ... The Godfather ... you talking to me? Sorry Feicarsinn of course you are, I was lost in the moment. Again I apologise, who is your favourite actor or actress?

Having just finished watching Die Hard 3, I'm gonna go with Bruce Willis. Seriously, the guy is John McLane and saved the world from an asteroid? Ledge bag! Also a fan of Pachino, Will Ferrell, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Junior and Denzel.

Really, really hate Natalie Portman. She just has such a moany face. I guarantee she'd be no fun to hang round with. Christina Applegate and Angelina Jolie are my favourite actresses for performance, while Jessica Alba is up there for, eh, other reasons.

Finally dear sir. What is your message to the people of TRF?

I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt

Feicarsinn, thank you dear sir. You have proved most helpful.

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