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few questions


Rug Bee

hi im Rug Bee. im new on these parts

few questions i would like answered please

1. how much better is rugby 2005 over 2004 and super league rugby league?
2. are drop goals realistic?
3. does the ref blow the whstle for full time even though your still in play?
4. out of 10, what would you rate the gameplay and its fun factor?

thank you al in advance
there absolutely no comparison between rugby 2004 and rugby 2005. rugby league is a pretty good game but rugby 2005 is a hell of a lot better. Pretty much everything in the game is correct, the ref plays different lengths of advantage for scrums or penalties, injury time keeps going until the ball goes dead. u can hear the ref giving instructions during the game, like "rol away tackler" at the breakdown. u can also hear the teams talking to each other during the game, the french teams speak french and the southern hemisphere players have a definite SH twang to their talk during the game. i'd rate the game about 8 out of ten, its a great game but a few more licenses and tournaments, zurich prem, celtic league etc would put it right up there
thank you very much for the reply. can you tell me 1 thing: can you buy/trade players in this game?
1. Way better much more fluid.

2. haven't tried a drop goal but computer hits a ton of them.
they even set it up right off scrums.

3. No the referee doesn't he waits till dead ball.
Computer teams is smart enough to know what to do.
I've seen them run penalties when down more than 3 and I've seen them kick to touch purposely (in my S12 matches).

4. game play 7.5, fun factor 10. really is fun only thing I'd like to know is how and when i can create turnovers.

lots of big hits cause knockons..... quick passing and ur guys will drop the ball.

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