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Fiji needs coach

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Dec 3, 2012
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Hi all, just putting an ad out, anyone can apply. Vern cotter has just quit. When Ryan quit we just hired some nobody because he was cheap. So please make your case, whoever you are, a case of beers preferably
Drua coach or Rennie?
Rennie isn't allowed due to a non compete clause in his wallabies contract, but yeah you are probably on the money with mick Byrne .

I don't know why my intuition says this, but I doubt it will be robertson. It should be - nzr would be able to get him some international experience before hiring him as all blacks coach after the World Cup. It could be a sabbatical.
I missed confirmation of the new Fiji coach Simon Raiwalui.

It seems his only coaching experience was a few years ago as a coach under Cheika for Australia? No apparent head coach experience. A huge downgrade on Cotter in my opinion by going for someone with no track record.
Yep with cotter and ryan they were a real chance of making the semis

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