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Fiji to Perform new War Dance for Scotland Test Tomorrow


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Oct 22, 2009
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Tomorrow’s Test against Scotland signals a new beginning for Fiji Rugby when they unveil a slightly modified version of the pre-match Teivovo war dance.

Developed by television personality, Manoa Rasigatale the new Teivovo features more action and some changes to wordings.

Rasigatale told FijiLive that words were being used in the wrong context in the original version in that the celebration of victory is done first before the challenge is accepted and even won.

“The reason to my changing of the ‘cibi’ to ‘bole’ is because it is important to know and understand the real meanings of these important words.

“Both are used in fighting for one's country or in representing the nation as in sports.”

‘Cibi’ means the celebration by the warriors when victory has been won. The ‘bole’ means accepting the challenge for a mission or competition to be accomplished when victory is attained then the warriors celebrate or cibi.”

The origional chant has been used on the rugby field since 1939, the idea born by the late Vunivalu, Ratu Sir George Cakobau who thought his team should have a war dance to match the All Blacks' haka for its first-ever tour of New Zealand.
His team adopted the cibi and went on to become the only team to remain unbeaten on a full tour to New Zealand.

Flying Fijians centre Vereniki Goneva who has been named vice captain for tomorrow’s Test against Scotland has given the modified Teivovo the thumbs up.

The Tarbes utility back who is set to join the Leicester Tigers says the new Teivovo features more action and imparts the right message, hyping up players before kick-off proper.

“There is a whole lot of action that we get to do and in wordings that we understand as well so it enables us to relate to the war dance and the message and puts us in that ready for battle frame of mind,” Goneva told FijiLive.

Fiji v Scotland
Churchill Park, Lautoka
Jaco Peyper (South Africa)
Asst Referee: Ian Smith and Andrew Lees (both Australia)

FIJI: 15 Isimeli Koniferedi, 14 Waisea Nayacalevu, 13 Vereniki Goneva, 12 Aloisio Buto, 11 Watisoni Votu, 10 Jonetani Ralulu, 9 Nikola Matawalu, 8 Netani Talei (capt), 7 Malakai Ravulo, 6 Iliesa Ratuva, 5 Leone Nakarawa, 4 Apisai Naikatini, 3 Setefano Somoca, 2 Viliame Veikoso, 1. Jeremaia Yanuyanutawa
Replacements: Tuapati Talemaitoga, Waisea Daveta & Graham Dewes, Josefa Domolailai, Kelepi Ketedromo, Nemia Kenatale, Kameli Ratuvou, Metuisela Talebula

Scotland: 15 Stuart Hogg (Glasgow Warriors) , 14 Max Evans (Castres), 13 Nick De Luca (Edinburgh Rugby) , 12 Matt Scott (Edinburgh Rugby), 11 Tim Visser (Edinburgh Rugby), 10 Greig Laidlaw (Edinburgh Rugby), 9 Mike Blair (Edinburgh Rugby) , 8 John Barclay (Glasgow Warriors), 7 Ross Rennie (Edinburgh Rugby), 6 Alasdair Strokosch (Gloucester), 5 Richie Gray (Glasgow Warriors), 4 Alastair Kellock (Glasgow Warriors), 3 Euan Murray (Newcastle Falcons), 2 Ross Ford (Edinburgh Rugby) (capt), 1 Ryan Grant (Glasgow Warriors)
Replacements (to be announced)

New Version and meaning
TEIVOVO, TEIVOVO (--bolea me ra teivovotaki--I'm challenging you to be uprooted)
IO, IO, IO, IO (e rawa--yes, it will be done)
TEIVOVO, TEIVOVO (me teivovotaki dina--let's turn them up side down)
IO, IO, IO, IO (au sa tu vakarau--I'm ready)
RAI TU MAI, RAI TU MAI (nanuma me'u rerevaki iko--you think I'm afraid of you)
AU NA VIRIVIRI KEMU BAI (sega ni rawa ni o basubsau mai--you can't break my defence)
IKO NA TOA YALEWA (au na toa tagane--you're only a hen, I'm the rooster)
VEICO, VEICO,VEICO (daru veico qai raica--let's fight and you'll see)
AU TABU MOCE O I AU (au na yadravi iko-- I don't sleep and will watch you)
U MOCE GA E DOMO NI BIAU (rawa ni yaco e domo ni biau noqu kaukauwa--my strength can reach the crushing of the waves)
LUVU KOTO KINA NOMU WAQA (sega ni rawa ni'u luvu kina--I will not be drowned)
KAYA BEKA U SA LUVU SARA (nanuma me'u luvu kina?--you think you'll defeat me by drowning?)
NOMU BAI E WAWAMERE (tali ga e na wakada--your fence is only made of wawamere creapers)
AU TOKIA GA KA TASERE (rawarawa ni basuraki-- It's easy to untangle)
TULE TULE BUKA E SE DREDRE (au rawa ga ni cavuraki iko--I can uproot you)
TULE TULE BUKA E SE DREDRE (au rawa ga ni cavuraki iko--I can uproot you)
IO, IO, IE ( ka kece oqo e na rawa--yes it will be achieved)
IO, IO, IE (ka kece oqo e na rawa--yes it will be achieved)
IO, IO, IE (ka kece oqo e na rawa--yes it will be achieved)


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here is a video of the new Fijian haka the "bole"

Everyday I'm shuffling
Its.....Ok I've always had a soft spot for the Cibi, this isn't as good
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