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Fiji vs. Canada



The match is so contentious and fiji won the match but this isn't easy, half time score is 15-6 fiji and 2nd half fiji get 22-6 but in 2nd half canada pressed down so they found one penalty, one try and one conversion. Canada's one try dont be numberde by referee but i think it is absolutely clean try. Last minute Canada want to find try, they're shouldering but they dissolved the ball Ratouva took the ball and run the 144 metres and his try finished the match. Pritchard is so egoistic by canada, if he isn't egoistic canada may be won the match!

(my english is bad i know :bleh!: )


144 Metres? There are some long ass pitches in Wales... [/b]

Um... Is he talking bout the Wallabies, Fijians, or Canucks? I'm confused. And you did nothing to help Mite. Where did Wales come into the equation?!?! :wacko:


What I think my Turkish friend was trying to say was that if Pritchard had passed the ball when there was an overlap late into the game, Canada might have scored. Also, I don't know why Pyke's try was disallowed, but we did get a penalty kick later on so whatever. Personally, I think that We like to play Crashball too much, look what happened last week in the dying minutes of the Wales match. Same scenario, only this time Canada made an error & Fiji scored off of it.
I'm just angry that we let the game slip away like that.
Anyways, I'm going to steal a crate of Magners from the LCBO now. Good Day to you all.



Fiji looked the better team, bit out muscled but thats the way they play.
Backs look very good.

Cardiff should not be holding matches...


At half-time I thought Fiji was gonna run away with the match after clearly dominating the first half, but the buggers took their feet off the pedal and allowed Canada back into the game.

Some stupid kicks from Rabeni & Little that either didnt find touch or was too long for the chasers to do anything. Our lineout was a shambles again but I took heart from our scrum (eventhough we conceded 2 turnovers).

Our defence around the ruck areas was excellent, and it's this kind of game situation that will help us agaisnt Australia & Wales later on.

Player Ratings:

1. Graham Dewes - 7

2. Sunia Koto - 6 (was good around the park but his lineout throws needs more fine-tuning)

3. Jone Railomo - 4

4. Kele Leawere - 6

5. Iferemi Rawaqa - 7

6. Semisi Naevo - 5

7. Akapusi Qera - 6

8. Sisa Koyamaibole - 7

9. Mosese Rauluni - 9

10. Nicky Little - 5

11. Isoa Neivua - 4

12. Seremaia Bai - 5

13. Seru Rabeni - 4

14. Filimoni Delasau - 5

15. Kameli Ratuvou - 9


i really enjoyed this match, the fijians scored some great tries and attacked well.

hard luck for the canadians on that try. they missed a few opportunities on the wing where one pass would of seen a try tho.


greedy fullback lol

shux that was heartbreaking for the canadians right at the end ay! awesome try to finish the game off


Harsh to dissalow that try imo. I thought it was a clear try, he had enough momentum, therefore wasn't a double movement imo.

Unlucky to the Canadians, they were really pressing in the second half, loved the all or nothing approach at the end with every player in the maul/rucks.

Well done to Fiji, their backs were looking quite impressive at times, Wales have to be carefull against them.


Cardiff should not be holding matches...

What about scotland?

Sounds like someones a little bitter... :bleh!:
You'll probably hasten to add that you'd feel exactly the same way even if Twickers had a couple of games, but i'm not gonna believe that bull for one second.
Denial, my friend, can destroy the soul.


Cardiff pitch was crap...the pitch was way too slippery and wet..why is the pitch wet when it is indoor..players cant sidestep when they keep slipping before they sidestep.


My good friend, you are bleating old news there.
We have been moaning about the state of the pitch for near enough 8 years now.


What I dont understand is why they closed off the roof when it was such a beautiful sunny day outside??

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