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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by kingwilko, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    I've made a list of most the files contained in the Gob to make editing of R08 easier. This was done by extracting the filenames in offset order, streamwriting them into an excel file and then filling in the blanks.
    Please feel free to download the file and either add in more labels or use it as it is for editing.

    Link is here
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  3. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    I can't be bothered adding in all the kit files but if you download this excel file and label the files identified here you should be able to work out all the unidentified ones.
    Excel file has the filenames listed in offset order which is how all the cricket ones are stored. For a complete version of the cricket excel file (to see the completed article) download it here.

    edit - put these files in too
  4. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    Let's call this a start:

    Any cross checking is very welcome as this is likely to have errors in due to the way HB have left players in from R06 without indicating which ones.
  5. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    Ok, it's taken a while but here is the complete face list for R08 (credits to ciais for doing what I told him to over MSN and ross munro for bullying me for 4 months before I actually did this).
    One point to note is that the player names are mostly irrelevant. The important part is the player name. Woosah will be releasing an updated editor soon with all the faces, face previews etc.

    Excel file is also attached here.

    Pic below of how face previews works which will be in next version of Woosah's editor:

  6. Ciais

    Ciais Guest

    You did an excellent job, Colin :cheers:
  7. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    That looks an amazing effort. Pity i can't get the roster editor for a while..
  8. Ciais

    Ciais Guest

    Why, you think I'm bad at doing the roster? :(

    ( :p )
  9. moloko

    moloko Guest

    Where can I found the file name list ot the fsh where there is the ball in Rugby 08, please?
  10. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    It's in post 4. I can't edit my original post now.

    Direct link
  11. moloko

    moloko Guest

    Thanks a lot. ;)
  12. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    There's still more work to be done on it - just needs someone to take the time to add the individual stadiums etc.
    As you can see it's very logical though. Filenames are listed in offset order and everything is stored together.
  13. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    Following a request from Uli here are the names of all the faces which are in the Gob file but unused by the game:

    0026dbe89c2093974f4548b714c019f4.big    Jason Eaton         10697
    7bd504ca651f5c84dabff1bdf1d46fb3.big    G.Nawali    12570
    8fe5e6f57e912f09ad2839e0180b6569.big    Taine Randell    12859
    9d1346022b2b40cf8712d76c85044a8b.big    Gareth Bowen    13392
    fbff084532c3fe834f4a1578afeaae92.big    Yan Delaigue    1340
    efc088c01ae19584c57fb82acb7cf4c6.big    Olivier Milloud    14962
    7519a8b52e59217de6af1c9519f284e5.big    Mat Rogers    16139
    390a694819a7614731c0ee862fb4de7b.big    Aian average 1    17035
    6dacead972129e2f9b1ad2be320d386f.big    Reggie Corrigan    17192
    f83bfda77539f13f8985d5cac68961fc.big    Justin Harrison    19090
    de3716110fed8e6c8cd0d0444ef65fd4.big    Kyran Bracken    19264
    2e017ea9835d12cdc1ead3831fc27ae2.big    Barry Everitt    19866
    6c4ff8f89bfc94e2f4c07883251af7d8.big    Ben Herring    19949
    d3e5d62fcecbb1b36718839adad70609.big    Martyn Wood     20078
    3cc74591e5596015c57437d0cc8df570.big    Jean J Crenca    20450
    6d5dca4a2939fec62bd1d72c96742bb2.big    Mike Hercus    20537
    a45a79de683e2d7a4041995ff3d5cf8c.big    Derrick Lee    226
    b737432a0f18072e8b2e330131037b72.big    Tony Marsh    24750
    d31868a2fbb545d054ac340c1a492152.big    Steve Thompson    25898
    e07eb5ae658da0d0e228db1bda281443.big    Bill Young     26488
    b5ebff78376d617681fb894c7c88c921.big    Simon Cross    27067
    a6884218d3a00ff6264f5dd2dca51237.big    Hanyani Shimange    28022
    fdbe8537e4dfb2e4d355919d416be1c5.big    Api Neavo    28570
    a14ae82b2ddbc4283dff46ba54752659.big    Cameron Shepherd    28768
    2c1462c9b5953e62ed43ef3d2fbc6487.big    C.Heffler    29087
    117357209278ca1bd145989b36ee9aa3.big    Tani Fuga    29873
    21701b9df6acae5afcf0189ef9c444c8.big    Ben Evans    30180
    80eeca22d05371066b199eaf678446d0.big    James Simpson Danie    30212
    ae79b9e9c2f06a2bd1a6e43a77048c16.big    Tone Kopelani    30502
    b6df77c044fca3b6ccf4ff201c7d3ff9.big    Gaffie du Toit    31601
    0b23bf530f54df918b0c5254b1a3b9cd.big    Brian Liebenberg    31928
    961c8f737ce38ce88f87adc4a1c1893e.big    Sebastien Chabal    32525
    eecae68056c48ee5b1f85a6d080e1e06.big    Steve Kefu    32702
    9b6b1207b34e475cf805c7713327ebd7.big    Hall Charlton    3351
    a4bdd658de02e755f91071addbbd837f.big    Pepito Elhorga    3487
    c6495e4b1076693395e00ebc4881441e.big    Florian Fritz    3822
    abd450020916b45d8c90d81ea7cb2ee8.big    Dave Hewett     3902
    b6033c07955a5d75444e582534acd541.big    A Higgins    41002
    e515d355faaa04ec017973a8c727f7f0.big        41003
    8f70cfc8589ddcfc7b7fefaf183b7217.big        41009
    d1649942386ae0604f2db58ae4525d23.big        41016
    e4c13932c95c4d687af789ae8ca4c179.big    Black resverve 2    41018
    6e2ca4d129b7f2692f9b77773c4b01d5.big    Aian average 26    41019
    35d89c63e262c025ccd7ae7ffe64adcf.big        41023
    7a61bf22e4e7dba445af0c8bc90cbd57.big        41030
    7e4a001fa4898d19ee401838e8bd1b82.big        41031
    b99e39996ebe6dbe659ea276fe908083.big        41035
    d910602d6c54aede6987aa63a2ed9ce4.big        41036
    60c5197cbfa450057dcbb7dc15ee383f.big        41054
    29bd6a7ff3c4cbbdd278349b29eae0dc.big    Romain Teulet    41071
    51218a757baee5ff96cf6f45327ed03f.big    Chris Rossouw    41084
    38b225be82fa21b8ae7d2bff896035ef.big        41094
    c8d61c6d75f956d18a1c7dbdc69c5186.big        41095
    e51b570daa64765ec094b31403344fef.big        41101
    4214de205f8f90bc4015f97b9b73602c.big    Black resverve 3    41102
    ac585c84d91749790a75f91b1b0d7a09.big    Black average 20    41104
    6fe1470e36563bf27f972cdecfc3a44d.big        41108
    83a69309b3fab7fe1af53cd992a0a79b.big        41110
    4fa9df73aea1e5bca17cc7fac17f2565.big        41111
    f9785f1dd0579303765b5f8d170ba13c.big        41115
    cdd8abfea9b33998aa2ae360c6161623.big        41121
    76a211bd3d7f8227f873dc0996607d02.big    Aian average 28    41122
    234b69bcbdb417d44acaddb6c268b2f1.big    Aian average 29    41123
    902fc20e679e32157bc77546b5a029bf.big    Aian Reserve 5    41125
    4842397e0f6e00d237b2693512bec2f2.big        41128
    60fbd7fa42dedf03eb9396b38150100d.big        41142
    b1c75c491879beb16f72e4d67e51645e.big    Aian best New head 12    41190
    f93fabef7bb3d5bb4a6c10357844f79b.big    David Holwell    4639
    4f88fe399c5287903c52cc4832d824a7.big    Christian Cullen    4827
    2a73eb9a89395fa09cee060952fdd228.big    Wendell Sailor     491
    256c917a489b9be7d01d0029a763034c.big    Mr Crash         666
    da0db917c3c10da10f6a0305fbbe5540.big    Frekkie Welsh    6747
    1e87539bded6a684533e823c32da79e5.big    Trevor Leota    6962
    b866417473bb4b183f59b1050455a0d1.big    Ricardo Loubscher    7372
    7ad309b401979ace6d347f9c6c9a3f64.big    Nathan Grey    7441
    9def5e33ac78684499c5a2cc1eb8284c.big    Thomas Lievremont    911
    750c6ab500da99045be4808ea2e72e71.big    Benn Blair    9961
    239940298bb1635c91078d5649711da1.big    Robin McBryde    9990
    If you want to add new faces, all of these can be written over. Bear in mind that should you need to change the skin colour you will need to edit 730eef...xml.
    Also of interest is the fact that when I loaded up the game with face codes of faces not in the Gob, the game looked for the R06 filenames and somehow displayed the faces (filenames got through filemon). It seems that there are also a load more faces that can be added provided the code is in the xml file. Logically there are then an infinite number of faces that can be added without the need to replace.
  14. uli85

    uli85 Guest

    Thank you very much Colin!
    So there is a way to add new faces with the editor without replacing existing ones? For the moment there is a lot of unused faces that i could use :)
  15. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    Don't think Woosah's editor does it atm. I only know about it because my Cricket07 Player Editor does it. There are unlimited faces and bats for C07.
  16. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    As requested I've added all the stadium files into the excel file. I've also put in the pitches.
    Link is in post #4 although I'm trying to get it edited into post #1 to make it easier.
  17. ozzy

    ozzy Guest

    If anyone has a copy of Kingwilko's editors that allow you to change the "Performance Rating" of teams and his boot editor could you please send me a copy at Thanks.
  18. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    I can send you the team editor but there is a problem with the boot editor. It is changing skin colour atm too.
  19. lwkfella1991

    lwkfella1991 Guest

    hey kingwilko can u find the .big files for the body types if so that would be great
  20. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    I don't think there is a big file for it. It would most probably be controlled by different .o files and the big file wouldn't change.
  21. steynboi

    steynboi Guest

    can somebody find the stadium files west london in 06 so that i can put vicarage road in 06.

    that would be awesome help.
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