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Finally got the game!



Ok boys I've finally go myself a copy of Rugby 06 and I have to say that locksey is bang on with his claim that this is the best rugby game to date. That said, I don't agree with his rating of 9/10...

Here's how I'd rate the game:

Graphics: 7.5
The players look great and it generally looks pretty accurate, but the lack of proper stadium lighting (ie the ability to play at various times at each venue), and the inaccurate feild markings (those bloody EA signs are back! Seriously, whats the point of getting the competion lecenses if you're not gonna go for authenticity?) loses it marks... the fact that these problems were in 05 makes it worse.

Sound: 8
In game sound is pretty run of the mill, but some of the crowd chants as well as up to date specific comment from the commentary about team rivalries, player abilities etc impressed me.

Gameplay: 7.5
Gameplay in Rugby 06 is the best of any rugby game to date as it actually FEELS like you're playing a rugby match. Unlike playing RC 06, which feels like you're playing 7's rugby, Rugby 06 requires you to kick strategically (I've never needed to punt in RC, even on IC mode), use a variation of short, long passing and a variety of set plays to break the line and also encourages the use of the cheat button to turn rucks with the risk of calling a penelty. Ontop of that the new offload button has been implemented with great balance making it an occasionally risky, but rewarding move, and the step, barge, and palm are all much more effective and usefull, but not overly so.
Then of course you have the improved AI. The AI in rugby 06 is brilliant, and attacks you in a multitude of ways while also playing feild position well. I lost my first game 5 tries to 2 on pro 43-12 (they also got penelties)! I've gotten the hang of it now, and have won my fair share, but the AI dose pose a realistic challenge to me in this game, and when they score it's because my defence isn't good enough... something that can't be said for either RL2 or RC.
All that said, I don't think gameplay can be given a 9/10 for a couple reasons:
1. Camera angles. Unfortunately Rugby 06 is just like 05 in this department, and none of the angles feel quite right and give you a perfect view. The side cam is probably the best, though it makes drop goals and defence a little tougher and the other angles don't give you enough of a view in my opinion... HB really need to have more views for the next game.
2. Rucks. Rucks are pretty much the same as 05 as well and as a result are still as uninvolved as ever... the "hands in the ruck" cheat button is a great idea, but it feels too random and for any rugby game to deserve 9/10 it has have an involved rucking system that goes as far as having the ability to control when your player releases the ball, the ability for the tackler to attempt a "safe" tackle so he can stay on his feet and then go for the ball when tackling an isolated player, and then also players like Waugh and smith should be able to affect turn overs from rucks easier if they get to the ruck early and there should be an option to either reach over the top for the ball or a cheat button to come in from the side.
I know that's asking for a lot, but considering how integral rucking is in the game of rugby, I think that it's important for the video game incarnations of the sport to get it right.

Features/Lifespan: 7
All the tourney's you could want here and more, but there's no online and the world league mode is still not quite what I'm looking for... Idealy, I'd like the game to have you start off coaching a club team (meaning the inclusion of the NPC, Currie cup and even Toohey's new cup for the next game), then after a couple successful season you get offered a job coaching a S14 Franchise and if you be successful there for a few seasons you can accept the national coaching job! And there should also be the option to turn the offer down if you want to keep playing one comp.
Still, this game will keep you going for some time.


from my time with the game on the xbox I completely agree with your opinion here. You've listed well all the positives and negatives. I'm waiting for my PC version to be delivered before I actaully get into the game as the xbox graphics just don't cut it for me. Should arrive from gameseek at anytime :bravo: This is the main reason i've not involved myself in any discussion of the game yet because I'm playing on pro and so far the scores have beenr eally high. it's true what you say, bad defence will get you punished.

I want to get much better at the game and really test it out before I decide just how good it is. It's defintely much more advanced tahn RC2006 but I'm still loving that game too. I've stopped playing it for a bit as i don't want to get bored easily.
hooray another review, while us nzers wait for a copy of the game, every1 else is getting better at it,

thats also annoying on xbox live how we get games last and have no advantage on live, lame

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