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Finally, I've done something |'ve dreamt about for weeks!


Goth Power

Finally completed Gears Of War on Insane difficulty!

It was awsome though, just need to go back on casual to get the remaining 7 COG tags. Then its all about the online baby :p

Anyone else done this?
dude, I haven't got far even on normal difficulty. My 360 kept freezing when playing that game so I put it back on the shelf- It was just too frustrating.

Congrats on an awesome achievement.
Got 3 more Cogtags left to get, which I am going through now to get.

Currently in Act 2 and hoping to get them pretty soon.
I'm happy to see you finished it!!!!!!!!!!
I am still learning the game :lol:
Flatmate and I are up to last level on insane, he's got 3 cog tags left, and I've got 8 to find...
I've collected them all now.

I used this guide to help me.

Awsome game, and with the edition of a new update fixing glitches and adding a new multiplayer mode...the game is still growing :D

New maps will also be available pretty soon.
Sweet new maps would be cool.

We finished tonight, flatmates now online looking for where they are lol.

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