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Finally Rugby 06 can be put to rest next to JLR


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Jun 13, 2004
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Rugby League Live 2 is now the new king.

I am not a league game fan...after trying out the first league ***le and thinking what crap it was.....I have tended to let every other league ***le come and go...and listen to the scathing reviews from league fan themselves.

RWC11 and RC came out last year...and sadly for me they were both disappointing. RWC11 was pretty much the same old same old without any razzle dazzle while RC was too much dazzle to the point you wondered if defence actually existed lol!

However....RLL2 is amazing! This is only after 12 hours of play yesterday. I can see so many possibilities in this game. Even though RLL2 has many shortcomings....an average franchise mode...bugs and glitches..suspect lag online...the gameplay well and truly makes up for it. This is the type of gameplay that oval ball gamers have been waiting for for ages...gameplay where you can create different ways of running at the line.

The MAIN difference that this game has compared with union games that I have to get into my head (which is also the reason why I believe this is the best current gen oval game out)....is that the support players run their own lines at the play the ball and do not track the ball carrier and where he runs....VERY UNLIKE JLR and Rugby 06...and most rugby games. Though at times this can be a bit weird it does open up MORE possibilities on attack. I run towards a support player and his line is a straight line...and as I get to him I realise that he is going to get smashed so I simply let him overtake and THEN push pass...which means the ball goes to the next player.....which is essentially decoy running at my disposal! WTF this is amazing! The team runs their lines and I decide whether to give the ball to them or let them carry on running and use them as a decoy....genius!

Big Ant have made the gameplay so good it is hard to exploit and find bugs in your defence to kill their attack. The running from defensive marker exploit and chasing the attack is not quick enough. Running from the first guy in the defensive line exploit is risky and leaves a hole. Either way it is very difficult to rush as you leave a hole....so ultimately...its pretty much impossible not to concede yards...unless the other guy is a noob.

Side view far or Side view broadcast are the best views to play this game....don't play it on default end to end.....you will be throwing intercepts.

The learning curve on this game is massive and sadly it is not pick up and play....so a lot of people will buy it...have a go and get discouraged. Luckily the baby levels are easy and they have automatic fend on your players lol who score from their own line running right through the opposition. However if you are serious about competition then try online ranked...the level is veteran where its very hard to fend...but you get a really good sim.

Quick play the balls are really effective as well as holding down the player if you have turtled them. Both change the way the defense react. Quick play the ball from the dominance in the ruck and you have more space to attack...the D line has not made it back to set let alone come up. Turtle the ball carrier and hold him down when he is on his back and your defensive line will be set and moving off the line going to smash their forwards and intercept their long passes. Just don't hold down too long is they have not been turtled and are trying to get up and play quick...you get penalised.

Agility is good...more agile than Fifa but less than rugby 06. Hard to turn or change direction unless you take finger off sprint...very realistic...and so breaking the line you need to ease off at sprint here and there when you move...like real life. However just because your agility is better than Fifa does not mean you are gonna carve at will as the defence is just as good...well they are league players lol! The fend in front and the fend from behind works well...balanced as in you can't fend your way to glory online...but if you are stronger than the other guy you may get the fend on him and break the line...however it is harder to fend off the low tackle...though if people go low then you have a chance to offload. So you have that balance...go high and risk being fended....or go low and risk being ofloaded. Lets just say I never go high on Greg Inglis lol!

Stamina is important...you will see your defensive line getting slower and slower...until near the end of the game you are screaming at your boys to move up and tackle Cronk but they are part walking part jogging...or if you are the Warriors they are standing and waiting. Thats when the AI is pretty much useless on defence...to the point where the long passes in the first half you could intercept...now you can't even get your hand to. The reaction of your players become slower and sometimes near the end they are bumping into players rather than tackling. If you bump into someone on attack you are still alive to pass....if you bump into someone on defence you are still able to have another go and tackle. Very well done how the developers have made stamina affect the defence. There is also this thing called hit ups where you run at the line with your forwards and DO NOT fend but just take the tackle....the hit ups thing though not very good at breaking the line does wear the opposition out for the second half. Anyway in the back 1/4 of the game with tired defence and defending on the line....don't expect your players to defend very well at all. The moral of this then is.....complete your sets if you don't want to suffer from too much defence!

Anyway...back to playing my second 12 hours of the game non stop.
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I actually love Rugby Challenge, After I downloaded the updates where they fixed all the glitches they had it was all good. The hardest mode on it was really hard at first, I think it was too hard for people but once you master it, its nice to play a rugby game thats actually challenging.
I actually love Rugby Challenge, After I downloaded the updates where they fixed all the glitches they had it was all good. The hardest mode on it was really hard at first, I think it was too hard for people but once you master it, its nice to play a rugby game thats actually challenging.

I love Rugby Challenge to. It's not the perfect rugby game but it is fun when you make quite a few adjustments.

Just a question here is the franchiase mode for RLL2 any good?

All you need is player form, condition, contracts, coaches. But that is a bare minimum. It does make the reply value less and less on Rugby Challenge because the franchise mode is just like playing games in row, no continuity or form or training or anything really!
I love Rugby Challenge too.

RE: RLL2, I thought it's presentation left a lot to be desired. The player creation was limited, where you couldn't even edit your age. Let alone start a Career with custom rosters. Right direction, poor poor execution.
I love Rugby Challenge, I have played it non stop since it came out D:

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