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    Hi everybody

    I hope I am not bothering to you with the topics and posts about the military campaign that took place in August 2008 in my country

    And still if I am bothering, please know: you can just ignore these topics and let others post there ;) ;) ;)

    Anyway despite Russia's 'impolite" and absurd PR during and after these war days, that Georgians started this battle and as if Georgia was first to invade 'South Ossetia" (which is the region of Georgia)

    there were people who were working on this theme absolutely neutral minded

    And they finally managed to issue a book about these events named: The Guns of August 2008 Russia's War In Georgia

    here is the front cover of this book


    And a days before this book was issued Russian general Borisov admitted about their trainings and existence in South Ossetia before the war begun:

    he said: "we were gearing up and training for the war against Georgia" "in the places" he admitted "where we had time to train we had good results, while in other regions where we had no tarinings and had no information about the geographical landscapes and etc. we lost the battle"

    So openly and politely does Russia everything they want to do

    While UN head Pan Gi Mun reminds about Abkhazia and South Ossetia as the isolated new countries and political entities

    Welcome to the world where no rules and no moral can be found ;)
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