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First Person Beat em Up's



Just played "Breakdown" on a demo disc which has a good FPS fighting and shooting system and thought "I wonder if there are any FPS beat em Up games around." I remember in the 80's and 90's a couple of boxing games that were First Person but the frame rate was pathetic so you never saw the punch coming until just before it was about to hit. I am very surpised that this genre never caught on.

Imagine fighting on-line against other people with world rankings, etc!!!

Also imagine if you could customise your own blows and blocks!!!

I have already devised a game play system for a FPS Beat em Up which out of my boredom have decided to type out (Hey Ian and Trev, you wouldn't want a....?). Sorry this setup only works for the PS2 controller unless you have those flash XBox controllers that look like a PS2 one.

A Kung Fu game (Legs and Arms)
The screen always looks in the direction of the opponent no matter where you stand.

Left analogue stick - Player move 8 directions in arena according to where the opponent is. Up is forward to the opponent, etc.
Left analogue stick pressed down - Player stands still and upper body sways in 8 directions. Up makes top body to sway forward and down, etc.
L1 - Left arm blow.
L2 - Left leg blow.
R1 - Right arm blow.
R2 - Right leg blow.
Right analogue stick - Look and Aim where the blow is directed to on the opponent.
Right Analogue stick pressed down - Block as in where you look is where you block.
Left and Right analogues pressed down together - Crouch with out blocking.
Triangle button - Jump
Square button - Left Hook
Circle button - Right Hook
x button - Uppercut (Hand depending on stance)
(Depending on stance the left blows will vary to the right blows and also according to customisation, etc).

You can slip and punch or kick by pressing a blow while swaying.
You can counter punch or kick by pressing a free arm or leg not involved with the block. This will come out faster than just blocking then throwing back a blow after your opponent has finished their blow or combos.
Some limbs have further reach than others so will over ride an opponents blow if both players are striking at the same time..
You can sweep the legs when you are in crouched mode though this can be blocked by a standing opponent whilst they stand (Real life Wing Chun).

There are default ones and customised ones.

You can customise your blocks to cover high mid or low with either one arm, one leg, both arms, or both arms and one leg. Remember, the more limbs you use for a block the less ability left for counter blows.
You can customise your blows to utilise "covering" or minimising a hit by only exposing certain parts during your blow that can be countered.

Subject to blows thrown and blows received as well as movement. No stamina left leaves you open to final knock out blow. Stamina does rebuild with inactivity.