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Fleming quits as ODI captain



Stephen Fleming has announced he will stand down as the BLACKCAPS One-Day captain.

Fleming made the announcement in the post-match press conference following the team’s ICC World Cup semi-final defeat to Sri Lanka in Jamaica.

He confirmed he was available to captain the Test team and to continue playing at all levels.

He said: "That's my last game as one-day captain, I want to carry on playing and will remain Test captain.

"But I'm standing down as captain of the one-day team."

The 34-year-old left-hander skippered the side a world-record 218 times, first assuming the limited-overs role in 1996.

He added: "I have been contemplating this decision for some time having discussed it at length with my family, coach John Bracewell and BLACKCAPS manager Lindsay Crocker.

"Today's result had no bearing on my decision. I just wanted to wait until the end of the tournament so it did not become a distraction.

"It also feels like a good time for the One-Day side to have a change of leadership. We are now starting a new four-year cycle.

"On the Test front, I still believe I have much to offer and I am keen to be involved."
Good luck to him then. Now that he won't have to worry about the captaincy, he may become a more dangerous player in terms of batting.
cricky i didnt see this one coming. but would be good to have a change, he has been captain a very long time.
has been on the cards for along time. guys like vettori oram etc have been groomed to takeover from fleming. fleming has been a great captain though taking over when he was very young and working with the limited talent and resources nz has.
Fleming for the longest time has pretty much been in the team as a captain. His captaincy has been good for some time but has been unable to back this up with decent batting. I don't think he should be in the team just as a batter unless he can improve on it.
I agree and hes getting to old, we should just stick in a young player and hope he comes good for the world cup in 2011
as long as he's still in the team, i'm satisfied. in fact i reckon he will do better without the captaincy with the bat.
i think they've replace fleming with vettori as test captain as well. i hope he keeps on playing as he's been an awesome servant for new zealand over the years. it would probably do vettori good to have someone with that much experience in the side to offer advice when he needs it.
Well Fleming is completely out of the Blackcaps team now. But Good luck to him he gave alot to New Zealand cricket.

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