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Football Manager 2006

oh my god - yes yes yes

thanks i cant believe i didnt know this game is my life.
Let us know what your thoughts are on the demo, i've been a keen follower of the sigames team for a while now. FM2005 wasn't all I hoped it would be, but I still crank it every now n then.
I would be interested to see anyone's thoughts - I tried to download it last night and couldn't because the site was busy.
One of the few PC games which I go out and buy.

Champ Man and Edios can rot in corporate hell for all I care.
If anyone has downloaded it, would they care to review it? I hope to be able to dl it tonight at some point, if of course the sigames website cooperates, which it did not last night.
Got it, and I have to say that it's pretty good. Hard to sign players though, some of the fees are stupid.
the game has many improvements - but still a few bugs, im sure si will have ironed them out by the novemebr 4th release date though, i reall am enjoying playing this though - i like the bidding wars.
football manager 2006 gold demo's released today and the game is out the 21st of october

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