football/soccer now a farce at the omplyics?

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    well it now seems football at the olympics could become a massive farce with the court of arbitration for sport ruling in the clubs favour allowing them to keep their players out of the olympics. it only affects 3 players for now but the possibilty is now open for over clubs to use this ruling to deny players a chance to play in the olympics
    The Olyroos' clash with Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has been thrown into doubt after three European clubs won their appeal to keep their players out of the Olympic football tournament.

    The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled on Thursday that Messi (FC Barcelona) and Brazil's Diego Werder Bremen) and Rafinha (Schalke) can be kept out of the Beijing Games by their clubs.

    The Olyroos play Argentina in a keenly-awaited pool match on Sunday and the defending champions could now be without their major strike weapon.

    CAS secretary-general Matthieu Reeb said the three-member panel ruled in favour of the clubs because the Olympic tournament is not on FIFA's match calendar, and because there was no evidence that the football body's executive board obliged the clubs to release the players.

    FIFA ruled on July 30 that the players must be released for the Olympic tournament because they are under 23.

    "This decision does not affect the eligibility status of the players who have been validly entered by their national Olympic committee and who remain fully eligible to compete in Olympic Games of Beijing 2008," CAS said.

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