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Football Thread

Weren't Chelsea signing players on like 8-10 year contracts to get around it?

Quite possibly. Their American owner Todd Boehly has business links to Saudi and I read that Saudi clubs will be ready to buy some of their players for massive transfer fees in order to get Chelsea's net spend down when needed.
How glorious would it be if City and Chelsea were relegated. I won't hold my breath but if there's any justice they should be or, at the very least, they should be stripped of all their trophies and have a 20 plus point deduction but relegation would be much better.
Well that's another 90 odd minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Who was the work experience kid at left back? He win a raffle or something?
Watching England play I was looking for a good performance and an indication that they have the nerve and ability to go onto to win next year at the Euros.

Sadly each time I do I just don't see it. Lots of sideways, backwards passing at the back without going anywhere and failing to pass between the lines and static movement up front and over reliance on set pieces to score against low block opposition who play England on the counterattack.

Inevitable for me that it'll be the same old story again next year or rely on the the draw opening up and being kind to them like at Euro 2020(1). But then England won't be playing 6/7 of their
Games at Wembley.

I thought he was really lucky to get away with the bundling into the Macedonian player and not getting a penalty against England. Another example of his careless passing and then his lack of mobility when one on one trying to recover the situation.

Nice draw for England. Scotland should relish Group A. If Wales qualify then they will be in France's group.
16/24 qualify for the knockouts.

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