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hehe Wales went 0-5 in six nations and Poland went 0-5 in the championship. I was hoping to make a joke about Poland soon being able to peat Wales in Rugby but it just isn't to be.
Listening to it on radio. This is what it must have been like in the 1930s.

Wales down to 10.

And Wales' fate and Poland's goes to penalties…..
Zero shots on target from Poland over 120mins. But slotted away all their 5 pens.

Edit: Good to see Ukraine get through.
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British media usual bigging up England's chances of Euros but I didn't see much of contenders in the last two friendlies or even during the qualifying, especially in the away matches.

Again injuries from playing too many games/training for them will be a factor, but I was looking for how England passed between the lines v top opposition which has always been a problem for England teams v top opposition.

Mainoo is a big find and Southgate has nothing to lose starting him alongside Rice. He's fearless and he won't win the big games playing Henderson or Phillips.Gallagher gave the ball
Away too much v Brazil.

Still, England always seem have a defensive blunder in them. Pickford for all his decent saves, his distribution from the back is not of the highest quality. Southgate's First choice Back 4 was aging, picking up injuries and Southgate should have found depth long time before instead of wasting minutes on playing them in friendlies ie Maguire v Scotland last year. I'd be surprised if they all start and finish the tournament in Germany.
Apparently UEFA considering allowing 26 man squads at this summer's Euros. Considering the attritional nature of the club games I was surprised they didn't stick with the last Euros squad sizes.

Yes, because I am sure fans going will heed their advice. German beer is one of the cleanest and best in the world. I think they have to worry more about the 1600 or so who have banning orders and required to hand in their passport before June.


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