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Footballers using babies as 'repair kits'



Originally posted by Yahoo
Premiership footballers are storing stem cells from their newborn babies to use in case of their own career-threatening sports injuries.

They are freezing cells taken from the umbilical cord blood of their babies as a possible future cure for cartilage and ligament problems, the Sunday Times newspaper reported.

Five professional footballers have frozen their children's stem cells with Liverpool-based CryoGenesis International (CGI), and London-based Smart Cells, has done the same for three Premiership players in the past year.

One Premier League footballer, playing in the northwest of England, explained: "We decided to store our new baby's stem cells for possible future therapeutic reasons, both for our children and possibly for myself.

"As a footballer, if you're prone to injury it can mean the end of your career, so having your stem cells - a repair kit if you like - on hand makes sense," added the player, who declined to be named.

Paul Griffiths, managing director of CGI, said: "This has been carried out experimentally. The stem cells are injected directly into the knee and because they have the same genetic code they start rebuilding."

One professional footballer known to have stored stem cells for his children's future use is Arsenal's French international striker Thierry Henry, although there is no indication he intends them for his own use.

Over 11,000 British parents have in the past five years paid up to 1,500 pounds (2,831 dollars) to store their babies' stem cells to use should their children become ill.
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Slightly Controvertial topic, but what do people feel about this, should it be allowed even tho it aint been tested... I dunno I am undecided on this issue, cos I am all for medical science, but when will we go to far...

It sounds ok, but I need to look into it more before giving a definitive answer.
Sounds alright to me, but it also sounds like a step before something like "The Island" happens, lol!
its alright with me the only problem i could see is say the footballer and his baby both had a problem.. and the footballer decided to use it on himself rather than to his baby to whom which the stem cell belongs.
When my last kid was born I heard about this. Cost some money though here in NZ, we could not afford so we declined.

I don't see anything wrong with it......otherwise they throw the cord away.
Originally posted by allblacksfreak@Aug 28 2006, 05:41 PM
DamN! so i have to have kids!!! ARGH!!!
Don't be so modest. Studs like you have kids you know not of :lol:
As long as the cells are coming from the umbilical cord, which will be discarded anyway, and not the child then I don't see a problem with it.

Although no doubt a critic will soon come out calling it 'ungodly' or breaching the child's human rights, or something equally as ridiculous.
They could save many lives, and also careers, but still feel they need to watch they dont go to far, like in the Island...
Stem cells could be going to more important things.

Anyhow, what say a football gets a ***** up the duff. They have an abortion. Can he use the stem cells from the aborted featus?
Well I'm a pretty strong believing catholic, and from my point of view there's nothing wrong with this provided it doesn't prevent the development of the child in any way.

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