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For Sale: ..::ERIC::..



This is your once in a lifetime opertunity to own the wonderful username and character of ..::ERIC::..

With this purchase you not only get a character who has over 2100 low quality posts, an instant rivalry with the likes of Chiropractor and Kinkon, an instant friendship from Ripper and 6 positve reputation points.

Old members; perhaps you are tired of your boring ho-hum lives and want to know what its like to have the freedom to be an ass without risking your old reputation. Perhaps you want to be a hurricanes fan but don't want to explain your change of heart.

New members; by buying my username you are saving the time and posts that I have made to built up my reputation.

This really is a fantastic opertunity.

PM me with an offer, or post it here if you are willing to have it made public. Auction closes very soon. All money goes towards funding my alcohol habit.


Will you accept payment in vegetables? Because ive got a killer* cherry tomato plant growing out back.

*killer/high yielding, same thing.
ill have your username, one one condition.

it comes with a deep purple ticket B)
no kan-do <<<< asian guy i know...his name is eric too

coincedinky?.....yes...its the theory of relatives

I can't believe nobody wants to buy my username? Seriously, I've built up a nice character I just don't feel like being ..::ERIC::.. anymore. Plus I need booze money.
I am a servant of the Secret Fire, Wielder of the Flame of Anor, you cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the Shadow. You cannot pass!
Maybe if you asked that in the first place instead of just posting some **** full of pointless swearing and telling everyone to "f*** a blanket" or some crap like that (it was so poorly written I first thought it was typed by a blindfolded monkey smashing the keys with his paws)

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