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form and morale are a great addition



I have just finished a co-op lions tour with my flatm8 and it was one of the best gaming experiences i have had recently. Only ESPN NFL2k5 and Pro Evo 5 compare to this game!

I find that the edition of form and morale is a very important one this year with both aspects playing a crucial role in my tour which i was playing in elite. These new features add extra depth to the rugby experience. As I made my way through the tough pre-test line up with the likes of hurricanes, crusaders and the NZ Maoris facing me I began to understand just how important form and morale are to the game.

Although certain players may have higher stats I found that without their form being good they may not perform when called upon, just as it is the case in reality. An example of this could be seen in the fly half of my tour. I brought along Wilkinson and Humphreys (being a pround ulsterman myself) and although Wilkinson has far superior stats he was not playing well in my opening matches. I checked his form and at around the 40 mark this reflected his performances. I decided to give humph a run and he quickly found form rising up to 99 before the first test! His passing was crisp and although he may not hav a massive boot it was accurate and very dependable.

This was the case throughout my squad with big names such as big Lawrence at no.8 not finding form. Charvis on the other hand found form in the high 90s and was smashing all blacks all over the show, carter receiving the bulk of his attention! There really is a noticable difference and i feel that this is an invaluable addition to the game. Has anyone else found these additions as enjoyable as I have please comment!
Great information! I'm still struggling with the idea of incorporating form and morale into my selections. I'm still choosing soley on skill. But now that I've read about your experience, I'm going to follow suit. Thanks.
I haven't really noticed any difference with the form and morale stats.

I started a career mode with the Chiefs and find that I just stick with the same starting XV and only make changes when forced to by injury. I may be getting lucky and those starting players may be keeping their form.

I will be keeping a closer eye on this in the future to see if it does make a difference.
Do form and morale affect every competition and tournament, not just the world league??

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