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Formula 1 : GP Italy



Fernando Alonso (Mc Laren) win this week-end the GP Italty :bana:

1. Fernando Alonso (ESP/McLaren-Mercedes) les 306,720 km en 1:18:37.806

(moyenne: 234,048 km/h)

2. Lewis Hamilton (GBR/McLaren-Mercedes) à 6.062

3. Kimi Räikkönen (FIN/Ferrari) à 27.325

4. Nick Heidfeld (GER/BMW Sauber) à 56.562

5. Robert Kubica (POL/BMW Sauber) à 1:00.558
by no stretch of the imagination is F1 a sport and i will argue passionatly over this point
ok then if we're going to get into technicalities bridge is a sport, its played at the winter olyimpics so most definitions can be stretched. The trouble with it is realistically its not an even playing field for the drivers with some teams have hundreds of millions to invest while on their last season jordan in total spent 9 million on their car and drivers. so it isnt really competitive as only 4ish drivers can win a race let alone the championship. i know they say its the same for soccer but you can never have a major upset based on bravey and determination because its nearly all about the car's performance. if you want to see actual competitive racing check out A1 where they all use the same cars.
it also seems a process of repetition much of the time, driving round the track with little or no overtaking, most come for pit stops these days. check out moto GP as the bikes are so much more manuverable as slightly quicker.

THe thing that really annoys me about F1 is its basically one giant ad. the cars are sposored, the helmets and drivers jackets are, the turns have naming rights sold not to mention the hoardings all around. when it went to china they didnt talk about how exciting it was to have the world's premier racing event but about the economic benefits through advertising

so to conclude i cant consider it a sport as the race is often decided before the drivers get in the cars, its unusualy to see a moment of individual brilliance swing it and the underdogs never have their day

P.S i probably could have laid that out better but i was in a rush

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