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Forza 3

Teh Mite

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Feb 16, 2005
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Finally got myself a copy; God dammit this game is good!
I absolutely love Forza 2, my favorite racing game, and one of my favorite games fullstop.
Bought 3 the day it came out, but traded it in for somethign a few weeks later, as it was still at a good price for trade in, and i wasn't that impressed at it as an upgrade (graphics pretty similar, only new tracks and cars) - i also didn't really like the "career" mode type setup, i liked in the 2nd one where everything was in categories and you just choose which race to run, rather than choosing to do a series for X amount of time then choose another one, then going to a different mode to race races you didn't choose
But either way, fantastic series of games.
I havn't played 3 yet but have done 1 and 2. 2 is an incredible game, makes me wonder what the fuss is with GT5. On my Forza 2 I have a 2005 Ford Mustang tuned to 931 bhp, it sould incredible and I have hit 230mph going the wrong way dow the long straight at the Nurburgring.
I have Forza 2, but i don't really like it. Maybe because the graphics are dated. Is this one a big improvement? I also got annoyed at how drastically you slow down if you touch the grass. Maybe i should stay on the road more. Gran Turismo was the only racing game i ever got hooked on.
The key difference I noticed between Forza and Gran Turismo is the fun to be had; While Gran Turismo focuses on 'reamism' (and I use that term very loosely considering it's barely any more realistic then Need for Speed Carbon), Forza puts the emphesis firmly on making you feel like the Stig and having fun - a fete GT hasn't achieved since thoriginal PS1 ***le.

Still, up next is Blur. This one should be fun...
Forza 3 is good but I do prefer GT5 prologue for physics. Saying that I've only played Forza with a pad so I'm sure it would be better with a wheel ( if a good wheel ever comes out for the xbox ).

The thing with GT5 (GT4 etc) is that it tries too much to focus on realism so it's easy to lock the car up and over/understeer and that means you ain't getting that SEGA RALLY arcade sideways control feel which makes driving games fun. A quick remedy to this on GT5 is to set the physics to Professional and put N2 tyres on whatever car you're using (even the FWD and 4WD will drift and powerslide then).

But back on to Forza and it is fantastic and they done such a good job for tyhe time taken to make - Like Bullit said ages ago - That GT5 guy has his head up his arse.
Yes Forza 3 was awesome game. I like only Forza 3 in the racing game and actually I am a reacing game lover so I play all time Forza 3. its graphics effect and sound effect was very nice and car handling was also very good.
i got it free with my new xbox haven't played it yet though. IM not too keen on racing games mdon't see the point only one i ever rely like was bunout.

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