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Foxsports WC Dreamteam



Is anyone apart of this foxsports.com.au dreamteam compitition?

I am and after pool phase 1 I had 505 points and was ranked #55 overall, like 80 points behind first and 50 behind 2nd (Who I saw was a guy that went to my school last year, national swimmer)

So far in pool phase 2 I have done alright (274 points), not that well but looking at other teams there are a few above 300, not many though. They havent updated the ladder with phase two results so yeah.. hopefully I can crack the top 50.

Anyone else apart of one? Is there a TRF private league?
Nah, there isn't a TRF private league for the foxsports dreamteam thingy

I signed up for it, however I quickly grew to dislike it. The RWC fantasy game on testrugby.com is much much better.

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