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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by LFC4Life, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. LFC4Life

    LFC4Life Guest

    I really thought France would be one of the favourites before the tournament started but now I'm not so sure. I know they have only played one game but I think Ireland are very capable of beating France thus knocking them out of the tournament. I'm gonna go out on a limb & say Argentina & Ireland to qualify from Group D...
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  3. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    The groups too tight to call easily imo. All 3 teams are so close in ability. France had a few moments v Argentina, but a lack of accuracy and composure cost them. They are more than capable of beating Ireland to qualify, and they will be sooooooo motivated for that match. If they keep their heads i think they will beat Ireland, but Ireland are quite capable of playing well silencing the crowd, frustrating France and coming out winners. Too close to call with any degree of certainty, but my bet is for All 3 teams to win 1, with France finishing top, simply because of bonus points and tries.
  4. el-venom

    el-venom Guest

    We can beat NZ with Sébastien "Caveman" Chabal !
  5. SaRcOn

    SaRcOn Guest

    The last time i checked france got spanked with chabal playing against the abs... twice....
  6. xparker

    xparker Guest

    Dont write off france just yet

    Also I would not discount Namibia, they are a good side, although underated

    I agree but I think both these teams will struggle against the boks
  7. ferenzo

    ferenzo Guest

    France will beat NZ in quartes
  8. xparker

    xparker Guest

    I agree that i think France will give NZ a run for their money. I think the upside of losing your opening game is that it gives u an early wake up call, i.e. time to fix your errors before crunch time.
  9. alcfof

    alcfof Guest

    If France plays New Zealand in quarter finals, France win because we are strongest after a difficult pool where are very difficult for qualifications
  10. CristianoR7

    CristianoR7 Guest

    France Rugby = France Football Pool hard but after it's all will gain
  11. hooli

    hooli Guest

    the France has no chance to win against new zelande
  12. Tarasque

    Tarasque Guest

    First of all, hello this is my first message.
    Do you seriously think France can defeat the all blacks?
    I don't think so, we have be owned twices with this team.
    Since months they keep telling us this French team is the strongest ever... <_<
    Phisically stronger maybe but they are not that good and rather slow imho.
    And look on the number of French players stacked on "regroupements" this is bad, very bad.
    The Rugby Champagne is gone.

    Go France!

    BTW before the all blacks... We have some teams on our way and they won't let us win without a good fight.
    And well done Argentina! :bravo:
  13. cortez

    cortez Guest

    I'm not sure France can defeat NZ.
    Against Argentina, French Team show a lack of intelligence. :bana:
    Maybe Michalak can lead the attack, but not so far.
    And France needs first to qualify for the 1/4 finals ;)
  14. jackalp

    jackalp Guest

    i think france have a chance to beat nz in the quarters and cause a massive upset (yes i'm a nz'er!). the home crowd will be a massive advantage and the AB'S are known to make handling errors, one slip up against a pumped up french side could see a runaway try and a win.
  15. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    France are the best side in the world at ignoring the form guide. If they click, their backline can score tries against anyone, even NZ. They are capable of pipping NZ by1-5 points, or losing by 25.

  16. France are the best side in the world at ignoring the form guide. If they click, their backline can score tries against anyone, even NZ. They are capable of pipping NZ by1-5 points, or losing by 25.


    or loosing by 44pts !!! the main question for france is : are we mentally strong enough for that ? look at the 1st match against arg ... we did not play at all, the players were invisibles, not on the pitch and too emoted !!! but looking to the other teams 1st matches, we could resonably think we can go to the 1/4 ... after that, its another question ...
  17. thf2k2

    thf2k2 Guest

    France can win against NZ... but I'm not sure that NZ players was tired after their games !
    They have not a difficults games with their pool.

    But nothing is impossible for the french team !!

  18. Javier_1964

    Javier_1964 Guest

    french win NZ 42- 20
  19. thf2k2

    thf2k2 Guest

    If you say it...
  20. scooby

    scooby Guest

    If you say it...

    kiwis are to strong i d say
    but still top 4
  21. jabali

    jabali Guest

    From a diferent discussion room:
    QUOTE(tituslechmakus @ Sep 17 2007, 03:47 AM)
    like it was impossible to loose against the argies ... anyway the team who will win this fr-ire will go to 1/4. the 3 teams could finish first like 3rd ...

    To what I answered:

    Well, the probabilities (without counting in any draw) are as follows:
    This are the Actual points
    Arg 9
    Ire 9
    Fra 6
    Geo 1
    Nam 0

    Take a (+) as game won to this country (for instance, Ar: -Ir, + Na means that Ar will lose against Ireland and win against Namibia)
    Stars are the most probable results, and parenthesis are my final-points prediction and why.

    Possible final points
    * Ar: + Ir, + Na 17, 18 or 19 (18, no bonus from Ire)
    * Ar: - Ir, + Na 13, 14 or 15 (15, bonus from Ire)
    Ar: + Ir, - Na 13, 14 or 15
    Ar: - Ir, - Na 9, 10 or 11

    Ir: + Fr, + Ar 17, 18 or 19
    * Ir: -Fr, + Ar 13, 14 or 15 (14, no bonus from Ar, bonus from Fr)
    Ir: + Fr, - Ar 13, 14 or 15
    * Ir: -Fr, - Ar 9, 10 or 11 (go home)

    * Fr: +Ge, + Ir 14, 15 or 16 (14, no bonus from Ir nor from Geo)
    * Fr: +Ge, - Ir 10, 11or 12 (go home)
    Fr: - Ge, - Ir 6, 7 or 8
    Fr: - Ge, + Ir 10, 11 or 12

    If I am not wrong, that means that Arg should go 1st, and France 2nd (more tries than Ireland) to die with the All blacks, and Arg with probabilities to win over Scotland and to die with South Africa (unless a miracle help us, to be realistic)
    Tho only possibility I see to be the reverse case, is Ar losing with Ire and France winning both games with bonus from both games.

    Who does agree with this analysis?
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