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France's Starting 22

Discussion in '2018 NatWest Six Nations' started by Dozzy_X, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Dozzy_X

    Dozzy_X Guest

    many injuries and a handful of reitred players means scotland will be facing a new look french side with 6 uncapped players? will they do the business, any french guys out there tell me how good these players are, cuz at the minute i fancy scotland on the opening day :blink:

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  3. Mr.cyclopede

    Mr.cyclopede Guest

    Avants : Julien Brugnaut (Dax), Lionel Faure (Sale), Jean-Baptiste Poux (Stade toulousain), William Servat (Stade toulousain), Dimitri Szarzewski (Stade français), Loïc Jacquet (Clermont), Lionel Nallet (Castres, cap), Arnaud Méla (Albi), Julien Bonnaire (Clermont), Thierry Dusautoir (Stade toulousain), Fulgence Ouedraogo (Montpellier), Elvis Vermeulen (Clermont)

    Arrières : Jean-Baptiste Elissalde (Toulouse), Morgan Parra (Bourgoin), David Skrela (Stade français), François Trinh-Duc (Montpellier), Florian Fritz (Stade toulousain), Damien Traille (Biarritz), Vincent Clerc (Stade toulousain), Cedric Heymans (Stade toulousain), Julien Malzieu (Clermont), Aurélien Rougerie (Clermont)

    Waiting for the definitive team composition, I don't think the 6 new players will enter the game at hte same time, but here what the litlle I know from them

    François Trinh duc: The main cause of Montpellier's success in TOP 14, don't know of course is capacity to adapt an synchronise to a brand new group.

    Julien Malzieu: Quite performing and promising. Despite the presence of his club partner Rougerie, would have liked to see him associated with Floch. The association of the 2 beeing incredible !

    Julien Brugnaut: Haven't seem him. Dax has upgraded this year from proD2 to TOP 14, what's his role in it...?

    Lionel Faure: What do you "salers" think of him ?

    Arnau Méla: his athletic performance is the main reason of Lievremont's choice who said he wanted to test him in a full diferent game than played in his club (Albi).

    Morgan Parra: Big surprise as spare of Elissalde instead of Pierre Mignoni. Big challenge for this very young (19y) fly half

    So, expect a big presence of the TOP14 leaders club Toulouse and Clermont, the selection represents 10 differents clubs of it.
  4. Gavin

    Gavin Guest

    I'm liking the youth of this side, hopefully it'll look something like this against Scotland :

    1 - Julien Brugnaut (Dax)

    2 - Dimitri Szarzewski (Stade Français)

    3 - Jean-Baptiste Poux (Stade Toulousain)

    4 - Lionel Nallet (Castres, Captain)

    5 - Arnaud Méla (Albi)

    6 - Julien Bonnaire (Clermont)

    7 - Thierry Dusautoir (Stade Toulousain)

    8 - Elvis Vermeulen (Clermont)

    9 - Jean-Baptiste Elissalde (Stade Toulousain)

    10 - David Skrela (Stade Français)

    11 - Vincent Clerc (Stade Toulousain)

    12 - Florian Fritz (Stade Toulousain)

    13 - Damien Traille (Biarritz)

    14 - Aurélien Rougerie (Clermont)
    15 - Cedric Heymans (Stade Toulousain)

    Not sure if Julien Malzieu (Clermont) can play full-back, but if he can I would have him starting ahead of Cedric Heymans (Stade Toulousain) considering Heymans didn't really play well against the Puma's in the full-back spot

    Any thoughts on the French starting XV?
  5. I think we'll be missing Jauzion alot in th first two games
  6. Stillknox

    Stillknox Guest

    Agreed that Heymans f***ed up against Argentina (like Skrela, Martin, Mignoni, Michalak... well, the entire team actually) but he played at fullback for Toulouse at some occasions this season, pushing Poitrenaud to center. And he played very well: I remember that he scored a 50m try against Clermont in Top14, that was a hell of a run, bringing back some memories of Jason Robinson. Just look at it: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=566TP-Si1yk
    He has a massive kick too, wich is always helpful.

    For the newcomers, what can I tell:


    - François Trin-Duc:
    This Jackie Chan look alike is like Cypriani in England, the hotest fly half of the moment in Top 14 and has been elected player of the month of november. He scored a try and a dropgoal against Perpignan, leading his team to victory. He also scored two tries against Clermont. He has speed, creativity and intelligence in his play.
    His defaults ? Still green, and average in his kicking play. Moreover he's not the first option as goalkicker in Montpellier. Good potential but beware of a new Michalak. (his profile is quite similar to him)


    - Julien Malzieu:
    How good is he ? Simple: he pushed Delasau (that fidjian winger who was excellent on the RWC) on the bench at Clermont. He was quite impressive in Top14 and H-Cup, with some tries and good actions. He's at the moment better than Rougerie for some people, including the french staff. (Rougerie was taken only because Heymans is moved at fullback)
    Note that he's a former Seven player for France. He was in the team who win a tournament in Paris a couple of years ago. (with Vincent Clerc)


    - Fulgence Oueadrogo:
    Hav'nt seen him a lot, but he seems quite similar as Nyanga in his play: athletic, good runner. Maybe more regular than him. Already has two caps in the slaughters versus New Zealand last summer...


    - Loïc Jacquet:
    He also has two caps... in the slaughters vs New Zealand in November 2006, lol. But he is a very good player, we know it since one or two seasons, but he had a long injury before World Cup. He will probably be in the first XV along Nallet.


    - Morgan Parra:
    A very young (19 years) scrum half / fly half playing for Bourgoin. Despite his youth he seems to be mature and already had a few H-Cup games with Bourgoin.

    Like I said in another topic I think this is a quite balanced squad, with youngs & confirmed players, building a team for the future. There are also some talented players who was barred by Freakin' Bernard Laporte (Fritz especially) who makes their returns and it's a good thing.
    Plus the trio Lievremont/N'Tamack/Retieres seem to want to bring back the good ol' french flair... so i'm pretty excited by this team !
  7. I just realized there's no Chabal either. Bold choice but I totally agree with it. Not that he is a bad player, but he's just not good enough. He is a stereotyped player whereas we need a bunch af all-around guys, to fit the new style of play we are aiming at. Dusautoir, Bonnaire, Vermeulen, ... this is just perfect!
  8. pierredetoul

    pierredetoul Guest

    Hi I'm Pierre's wife and was introduced to rugby here in Toulouse. Have been following le Stade et les Bleus ever since. I think its a great idea to let the younger players have their chance on the French squad. They might lose a few mathches but that's OK. That's what gaining experience is all about. We'll just have to wait and see next weekend. It'l be hard with so little preparation time but look what Laporte had last year for the 6 Nations and the World Cup and where did tha

    Sorry, got cut off. I was saying where did that leave us ????
  9. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    6. Bonnaire
    7. Dusautoir
    8. Vermuelen

    Wow! What a backrow now that Chabal is recognised for what he is and now gone. This would have to be one of the best backrows in the world alongside the All Blacks'.
  10. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Excellent post. Thank you.

    France had an awesome selection of players for the RWC, but I reckon their strategy sucked.

    Skrela always looked good with Mignoni, but Mignoni is dropped? No worries - Elissalde is great.

    What's happened to Nyanga? He's experienced now, so I'd say it's poor choice to leave him out. And you have to keep Chabal for entertainment. But still a strong backrow.

    Problems at full back. But you have Clerc - maybe the best winger in the world.

    Good luck with the new players - but Scotland will beat you!
  11. Hawk77

    Hawk77 Guest

    I think it's a good composition for the France XV but I don't see Chabal. :wah: !
  12. Gr1ffster

    Gr1ffster Guest

    jauzion will be missed greatly

    im sure chabal will be missed also
  13. Motokig

    Motokig Guest

    hope France wins their first game so they get a good start in this tournament especially for the young players and hopefully chabal will be back to face Ireland on the 9th :)
  14. yeastextract

    yeastextract Guest

    France are goin 2 struggle without chabal and betsen has retired but i think scotland will still be easy for them.

    although scotland beat france a few years back and chabal played then didnt he?
  15. cmbnd10

    cmbnd10 Guest

    If we don't decisively beat Scotland tomorrow, I am going to be very, very worried.

    I understand the want to not have Chabal on the roster, but every time he came in in the World Cup, he swayed momentum toward us.

    Jauzion needs to get back as soon as possible too. We cant play the Irish this shorthanded, even with how horrible they played against Italy.
  16. thomas

    thomas Guest

    You will see who is the best number 8 in France....

    Go Elvis,

    Chabal is not that good
  17. Stillknox

    Stillknox Guest

    I love Chabal since a long time (even when he was wearing short hair and was a complete anonymous) but for watching Elvis Vermeulen every week I must agree with Thomas, he's actually and by far the best Number 8 in France.

    Still Chabal can be a good impact player, he's always good in this role... but with Bonnaire who can cover both N°6 & 8 I don't see him in the squad for this 6 Nations. Plus another young N°8 from Montpellier is coming, Louis Picamoles and Lievremont has already said he want to test him.
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