Frence's n°10 ?

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Elissalde9, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Elissalde9

    Elissalde9 Guest

    Who is the best n°10 of the France :

    - David Skrela
    - Frédéric Michalak
    - Lionel Beauxis

    I think that's Beauxis, he had do a very good match against Georgia.

    Edit : Sorry i would say France, not Frence
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  3. moriap90

    moriap90 Guest

    after today its beauxis
  4. Merjamone

    Merjamone Guest

    Beauxis or Michalak, Skrela is not good enoug. Btw do someone know if Mignoni is injured ?
  5. Ruggerboy

    Ruggerboy Guest

    i used to love watching michalak play, but since that victory in the U21 RWC beauxis has proven that he's better than michalak. havent given up on him though.
  6. Sector9

    Sector9 Guest

    Beauxis' performance in today's match was spectacular!
  7. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Definitely Beauxis. He has all the makings of a classic no. 10, where as Michalak is just a show pony. Beauxis should start against us next week, Michalak is a gamble because you don't know what you're gonna get.

    Skrela would be better off in the centers. And also after today, Jauzion should play at 12 instead of Traille.
  8. Mr.cyclopede

    Mr.cyclopede Guest

    To be a bit sarcastic I'd say that Michalak is able of the best and the worst, and might be the best for the worst...

    Quite different games orientation beetween the 3, essentially beetween Michalak and Beauxis/Skrela
    For me, laporte will start with one of these 2 last, swapping them after around 1h of game, if the score is close, and changing for Michalak as a joker and if we're far away behind with nothing to loose.

    If we're not far behind there, we can expect everything, as french team is much more closer physically to NZ as they were last year.
    Tiredness, and doubts could make the end of the match in our favour in that case.

    Il va falloir mordre le coussin les petits !!!
  9. super12

    super12 Guest

    I think Michalak is the best N°10 of french team but Beauxis is very good to.
  10. max1987

    max1987 Guest

  11. viper

    viper Guest

    Michalak .
  12. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

  13. Lionel

    Lionel Guest

    Beauxis en 10 mais voir evolution Michalak
  14. sebounet

    sebounet Guest

    michalak is the best 10 ,he's magic ,he inventes rugby,he can change a match in one action !!!!
  15. cdrik

    cdrik Guest

    Beauxis mais il est jeune et il va progresser encore sinon Michalak
  16. Martin1813

    Martin1813 Guest

    oh yes he can... for the best or the worst :bana:
  17. Piernic

    Piernic Guest

    Beauxis just a good game at the foot but it should not be forgotten that it is not essential for an opener either. Michalak is good in the game with the hand but not with the foot that is also an obstacle.
    The most complete player for the position of No. 10 is obviously David Skrela, constant attack without making miracles, always equal to himself, and by far the best defender.
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