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French rock scene



You know, Édith Piaf is dead since a long time now. :p

The French rock scene, because of the language, is not well known abroad.
If you're interested, i'll give you some information concerning the key French groups.

Noir Désir

Created around 1980
The emblematic French band is fell on the dark side when Bertrand Cantat, the charismatic singer and leader, violently killed the French actress he was living with (Marie Trintignant) during a night of drug and alcohol.
That band sound style was made around a nervous and militant rock nroll.

The most known songs are :
Aux Sombres héros de l'amer
L'Homme pressé
Un jour en France
Le vent nous portera
I have see noir desir 8 time in live. A great band.
I like rita Mitsouko too (le rock français est maudit :wah: )

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