French teams(clubs) in Rugby 06?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by asmonaco64, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. asmonaco64

    asmonaco64 Guest

    Hello, i'm french and i would like to know exactly the french clubs(teams) in Rugby 06.
    I think that is the clubs who are in the heineken cup(europe)?, also toulouse, paris, bourgoin, clermont, biarritz, perpignan et castres?, if it's that i'm disappointed because there are the guiness championship! and not de french championship(TOP 14). It's not normal beacause us, the french we have the best championship in europe, best than english(guiness championship)!, thanks to answer me, sorry by my bad english.
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  3. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    I think its got more to do with Swordfish beating EA to the rights to the French League, So it will probably be like the last two games and the only French teams will be the ones in the European Cup.

    Although with Swordfish getting out of the sports video game business, I assume the rights will up for grabs again, so there would be no excuse for Rugby 07. Then again I could be wrong.
  4. EA didnt have the licensing for some of the names for rugby 2005, for instance boyet was boyo. i didnt find this a problem i dont mind afew letters out or the vowels changed. just as long as they are realistic. i dont see why they cant do every league, its not that much trouble, is it?
  5. mark_shaw

    mark_shaw Guest

    i think they should have like a uu would select southern hemsiphre then a group of countries would come up click on won and select which tournament you want ie curie, npc, etc
  6. What makes you think the Top 14 is better that the GP?
  7. toup

    toup Guest

    Does that mean that the Celtic league is better than the Top 14 after the weekend then? [​IMG]
  8. davidson

    davidson Guest

    top 14 is probably better than gp tho isnt it. they generally have better teams as they have no salary cap. and they tend to do far better in europe especially recently.

    mark_shaw: i dont understand? did you just decide upon a menu style for all teams that are not in the game. yes, we all would have liked them in, but im not too bothered as to how you would select them?!
  9. Top 14 may have a few teams that strike well in Europe but it doesn't mean we cannot compete.

    We have the Anglo cup, and the GP is far more exciting/more work compared to top 14...IMO.
  10. Handsomebob

    Handsomebob Guest

    I think the top teams in the french top 14 are amongst the best in europe ( I mean Stade Toulousain, Stade Français, Biarritz Olympique, USA Perpignan ) but this doesn't mean the top 4 team in the Guiness can't compete. Maybe if you compare an overall result within the last 5 years the french teams have got better results in terms of european trophies.
    i think the two competitions are on the level.... with some differences in terms of the type of rugby that is played.

    I wonder if there are more french players in the GP, than English players in the top 14...
  11. davidson

    davidson Guest

    i didnt say we couldnt compete.

    it is generally accepted that without a salary cap, the bigger french clubs can afford more talent. qed: are probably better teams.

    i think you are right about the premiership, with more evenly spread talent, games and the season in general are tighter and more exciting.
  12. stadiste_91

    stadiste_91 Guest

    Stade Toulousain
    Stade Francais
    Biarritz Olympique
    USA Perpignan
    Castres Olympique
    CS Bourgoin-Jallieu

    i think there is only this french teams on rugby 06
    (sorry for my english i'm french...)
  13. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    I think its a pity there arn't more French teams - I recon we'll see more in rugby 2007. In fact we will probaly get the French league. EA will be holding things back for next years version.
  14. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    will still be missing 2 of the celtic league teams too...

    Connacht & Border Reivers...

    ... but we're well used to that - anyone have any idea why the can't add in a "create a competiton" option? to allow us to create our own cups/leagues etc with teams of our choosing? (to create a french "Top 6" league, the Celtic League minus 2 teams etc)
  15. cavan

    cavan Guest

    T14 is more entertaining than the GP. There are tries scored every weekend in the T14 that we'd be talking about for years if they happened on an international stage.
  16. stadiste_91

    stadiste_91 Guest

    this teams are playing Hcup this year i think we can play with all this teams
  17. I think the Top 14 and GP are very different in their own unique way.

    I prefer Gp obviousley, and because you are used to the Top 14 your obviousley gonna favour that over the GP.
  18. stadiste_91

    stadiste_91 Guest

    that's right but the GP is very interesting too
  19. It certainly is!

    Thats why I love it, each to their own.
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