Futures of Drew Mitchell, James O'Connor?

Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by QLD, Mar 28, 2009.

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    I know its another bullshit article bringing up the same things but after the Giteua debacle, there's a good possibility that these two will leave WA.
    What do I think? I hope they resign. As much as it would be good for the Reds to sign either of these two, we don't need them. Mitchell left when we were **** and we should reward the younger blokes who are sticking with us. O'Connor wouldn't get a starting spot at the Reds when Barnes, Cooper are starting and Faingaa is on the bench. Plus we are getting Will Chambers as our outside back next year.

    But this isn't about the Reds. I'd like to see some loyalty shown. It's not like their being forced (no pun intended) out, in fact the Force are desperate to resign these two and there's no salary cap to force them out because the Force can't fit them in a salary cap like in the NRL. I hope for the Force's sake they can resign these blokes.
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    I think the Brumbies would've much preferred Mitchell as the Brumbies are probably lacking in a world class winger at the moment (although hopefully Mafi can step up)... and there's a chance that Mark Gerrard will leave at the end of the year if he doesn't get a Wallaby call up as he won't get an ARU top up... he deserves to be in the Wallabies if he keeps playing the way he is but Deans might choose to ignore him again...

    The Brumbies have plenty of centres at the moment and while it might be nice to have a classy young product such as O'Connor we don't really need him...

    The Reds are currently lacking a decent fullback which is where Mitchell might fit their needs... however, Mitchell is not a fullback... he doesn't agree with that statement but the fact is he's at his best when he's on the wing...
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