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Mayo starting well but have put a lot of effort in to only be one point up.
Not a huge GAA expert but not an easy one on the eyes. So many frees, some of which have been soft in the part of the ref. Fenton shoulder on shoulder comes to mind.
This is probably over now, Dublin way too good once they got going.

Mannion is such a classy player.

O'Callaghan is lethal as well.
Tyrone doing what they did to Kerry throughout the 00's here. Smothering the **** out of them and being clinical as you like, hope it continues 2nd half.

Edit: Tyrone would have retained their 4 point lead to this point (52nd Mon) if the ging up top wasn't bottling it.
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How the f*** did Tyrone lose that?

Kerry don't have the defence to deal with Dublin.
How the f*** did Tyrone lose that?

Kerry don't have the defence to deal with Dublin.
The second half was a calamity. They might have just decided they wanted the rest of the summer off though, neither of those teams yesterday ever had a chance.

I don't know what can be done to level the playing field - I do think Dublin need more or less all of the extra funding because clubs are struggling financially all over the county trying to survive the mad costs existing in Dublin sets anyone back these days - but something needs to be done because right now it's a professional side dominating an otherwise at best semi pro competition.

I was always against it because I thought the dominance was just a result of a golden era of players, and I was a fan until 2017, but I think it's clear that's not the case and that splitting the county down the Liffey has to be seriously considered. Both North and South have more than enough senior and strong intermediate clubs to compete at the top level. It's not a great solution, and kills one of the most historic teams in the competition but something fairly drastic needs to be done before Gaelic Football dies at an intercounty level, I also think it's better than amalgamating smaller counties or having a two tier, closed shop All Ireland.

I've nearly lost all interest in the championship and I was a regular at Dublin matches (Leinster final onwards to the semis anyway) and would make trips to Fermanagh matches when I could up until 2016. I've watched about 7 matches since and it's fewer and fewer each year.
Provincal ***les are dead and well some teams major negative mentality is killing the game too. Like a serious question most teams ask when playing Fublin is do we try win or try keep score down.

On your funding bit Alpha. Agree fully on the clubs needing it but the fact the Dublin team is run as a pro set up and the extra advantage they have of state of the art facilities is where it needs to be studied
If David Clifford could stop missing this might actually be close.
Kerry are going to regret those misses, when you're on top you have to make it count and they didn't.

Quite possibly already too late for them.

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