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just watched the second half of some game on Setanta, i think Meath vs. Dublin - interesting sport especially with the goal plus uprights scoring, plus it seems like the ball's never outta play non-stop sprinting...

i'm looking forward to seeing hurling one day, although hopefully it won't be me bent over the toilet seat :lol:
Gaelic Football is great!

You should try and find out when you can watch the annual International Rules test between Australia and Ireland. They were actually thinkin of banning it because over the years it has become increasingly violent.

International Rules is pretty much just Gaelic football, but the players from Australia play professional AFL and always win!

You have to be mighty fit to play it! Great game! Exciting to watch!
The International Rules matches are awesome.

Especially when theres a huge brawl even before the anthems start! :lol:
excellent...when are these Int'l Rules matches played? Sounds like a great view with Foster's and Guinness to me!
To be honest the standard of gaelic football in this country has gone to the dogs, it's embarassing to see intercounty players missing 21 metre frees, if they think they're a free taker and they miss one of those they don't deserve to be anywhere near an intercounty team. This is compounded by the fact that Irish players were hitting wides in the international rules series just gone, more than the Aussies if memory serves me. When you watch some of the matches on All Ireland Gold (tv programme over here) the quality is on another level compared to the puke football that's being produced in this era. It's staggering to think it's the biggest sport in this country, hurling and rugby are streets ahead in terms of quality, skill and entertainment.
The interesting thing is that in the International rules matches, the Aussies were obsessed with getting that ball in the actual goal and getting maximum points while the Irish were just content to kick it between the middle posts and above the cross bar.

Shows that the Aussies have talent oozing and the ability to slide from one set of rules easily to the other without much trouble while the Irish are showing a lack of ambition or daring.

Also the ginger haired guy on the Irish team looks like a total looser, falling over allot at even the faintest breath of an Australian by his side.
well you're wrong about Cooper, he's one of the finest footballers in the country, free scoring forward who is comfortable off both feet but the tactics employed by Boylan negated his talent.
In my world it does! TO ME! TO MEEEEEEAARGGGHHH *head 'splodes*

Okay, he's not shite *grumble* <_<
I agree that Hurling is much beter than football, See the Cork/Waterford match? Dissapointing, the suspended players really cost us.
I am glad that the dubs beat Meath in the football today, Meath are too dirty for my liking.
ya waterford were lucky the rock wasnt there!!! 5 goals tells you that there is something wrong!! you cant replace players like sean og donal og nd diarmuid overnight though no disrespect to their replacements!! :)
To be honest the standard of gaelic football in this country has gone to the dogs, it's embarassing to see intercounty players missing 21 metre frees, [/b]

I know this is an old thread but ... thank god someone else said it. I've being saying it for years!

I simply can't understand it, the players are fitter, better facilities, better conditions, better training. Its never being more popular and never has had as many players and yet the levels have dropped so much ...

Its gotten really bad imo, i'm a Sligo man. Did you watch the Connacht final this year ? How either ourselves or Galway got there ... it was horrendous to say the least.

I mean i play senior football here and our main free taker would NEVER miss half of what our so called inter-county team missed.

Even Kerry have gone downhill imo.

Oh and by the way, about the International Rules. It is NOT gaelic football, its probably leaning more towards gaelic football then Aussie Rules but its definately not more then 60% Gaelic Football 40% Aussie Rules.

Gaelic footballs a semi-contact sport, Aussie Rules is full contact. The International Rules is (nearly) as full contact as Aussie Rules.

It'd be similiar to getting a soccer team and a rugby team, giving them a goal net and letting the rugby players tackle like they're used to.

Hurlings 100 times better then gaelic football, Aussie Rules and most definately better then the International Rules.

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