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Gahh, Todays Training



So today at rugby we finally got our first taste of outdoor rugby, the favourable weather finally permitted us to go outside and play.

So, we had a 15 v 15 scrimmage for a majority of practice and i couldn't get any clean ball at all. A player would go to ground and they would either, lose it in the tackle, toss it back (thus making it scoot along the ground) instead of placing it. Also our forewards werent rucking particularly well and they would sometimes kick the ball, or get blown off it. My major gripe is that i couldnt really string it out at all today, not only did i rarely get clean ball but a majority of the time i'd be digging in the ruck getting the ball out and one of my forewards would be blown off the ball and pushed right into me, thus causing me to be off balance or knocked down by them falling on me. I guess its natural for the moment considering some of these guys have only been playing for a year or two, but i was wondering what i could do to during training so that i can get the ball better even though there is a lack of decent rucking and clean ball?

So needless to say i didnt quite have my best training session ever and its absolutely killing me inside, i have been saying its the forewards fault really, but i don't like having a bad day in anything, i like to look good always, gahhh.
Take a deep breath...it will all be okay. You're too young to stress out like that over a bad team practice.
sounds like you need to sort the rucking out first - maybe put in some sessions dealing with body position and technique for the forwards - make sure that they know how to secure the ball and make it clean, however might just be that everyone's a little rusty or since it was a scrimmage without i'm assuming refereeing alot of the fabled dark arts were occuring in the breakdown i.e. holding on, sealing off - if you see anyone in the opposition holding on a good stamp on the palm(s) or wrist will usually speed things up or if you're feeling merciful a "gentle" rake with the studs will do.
It's the purpose of a training! get all the mess and sort em out there.. u dont want to have those during the game.. so it's a good thing they're all **** at training... :p
shout at them, kick them up the arse everytime they don't do what you want them to, used to work a treat for our scrum half.

just keep talking to them i guess
Tell your forwards that you'll have to ruck the ball out yourself if they can't provide good clean ball. Scream out for it to come out.

"Put it on the deck. ON THE DECK"
"I want to see it now!"
"Bring it out!"

Then at very least your coach will see that it's all their fault. Otherwise you'll look like a piece of the problem when you throw a bad one due to bad ball.